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We’ve been hearing a lot about CPC driver training over the last couple of years. Even more so since the deadline for PCV operators came and went last September. Nevertheless, petroleum drivers now looking to take CPC courses in order to earn their Driver Qualification Card (DQC) have something else to worry about – the Petroleum Driver Passport (PDP).

All petroleum drivers must earn a PDP sometime in 2014 to continue driving legally. Drivers earning a new ADR or renewing a current one will need to take the full PDP training this year. Current drivers with an ADR set to expire after 2014 can earn an interim PDP, which will be good until the current ADR expires.

PDP training includes classroom time, a written exam, and a practical assessment. Petroleum drivers must undergo this training once every five years, along with annual refresher training in order to maintain a valid licence. Although this may seem rather complicated, it is easy to understand once you have gone through it the first time.

As for non-petroleum drivers, the CPC requirements include 35 hours of classroom training through qualified training facility like ours. Upon completion of your training, you will receive the Driver Qualification Card, which you must carry with you whenever you’re working. Failure to complete your training and earn your card could result in fines as high as £1000 and the possible loss of your job.

We Offer CPC Courses

As a UK leader in HGV training, the HGV Training Centre is proud to offer approved CPC courses for individual and company drivers. Our training meets or exceeds all government standards and is intended to ensure every student passing through our doors is more than competent to drive commercially.

We have already helped countless numbers of PCV and HGV drivers take and complete their training. We will continue to do so in the years to come, knowing that commercial drivers have to repeat their training every five years. This is something that will remain a permanent part of our class offerings as long as it is a requirement to drive commercial vehicles in the UK.

In addition to the CPC course, we also offer new training for drivers just starting out. Training packages for new drivers include CPC training and the proper assessment necessary to earn the DQC.

If you are not in need of commercial driver training, you still might benefit from trailer training, caravan training or forklift truck training. The HGV Training Centre offers a number of programmes for drivers that may not operate commercial vehicles but still require an upgraded licence. And even in cases where an upgraded licence is not necessary, you can never go wrong with enhanced training.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our training classes. New classes are forming all the time at our 45+ facilities around the country. We would be happy to get you started whenever you are ready to go.


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