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Drivers receiving their HGV training in Somerset and surrounding areas will be pleased to know a brand-new test centre is opening in Bridgewater. The new centre is opening in response to Taunton LGV Test Centre closing this past August. The new centre is privately operated.

The original Taunton LGV Test Centre operated for more than 40 years under multiple owners. However, government cutbacks forced the centre to shutter its doors just a few weeks ago. Owner Colin Hoyle decided to open a brand-new testing centre in Bridgewater so that drivers would not have to travel to Bristol or Exeter.

The new operation will be known as the Taunton Training Centre and will offer the same services that were available through its predecessor. This means virtually uninterrupted service for those who would have normally gone to the old location.

This scenario is playing out more frequently in the UK as government cutbacks have forced LGV testing to switch from the public to the private sector. No reduction in the quality of HGV testing is expected as a result of the switch over. In fact, you might make the case that the quality of testing services will increase somewhat.

What Training Involves

Prior to an HGV driver ever making it to the Bridgewater testing centre, extensive training must be completed. That training can be through any certified organisation, including the HGV Training Centre. Individuals must have a standard B license to get started.

The first step is to complete a routine medical exam, which includes paperwork filled out by the physician. The medical exam is followed by applying for a provisional entitlement, which allows the individual to participate in practical skills training. While awaiting that entitlement to arrive, most candidates begin studying for the theory test.

They HGV Training Centre can assist with theory test preparation for those students who need help. It should be noted that we have a 92% first-time pass rate among students who use us for theory test preparation. Upon passage, practical skills training can begin.

At the HGV Training Centre, we utilise an intense and focused approach that ensures our students finish their training quickly while retaining the information and skills they need to pass their final test. When that training is complete, we even send one of our professionals with the student to the testing site.

Lastly, the HGV Training Centre wants to help graduated students find work. That’s why we offer a jobs database including information about nearly every HGV and PCV job available in the UK. We update the database on a daily basis to ensure all job listings are current.

Whether you are looking to receive HGV training in Somerset or Surrey, we can help. We have more than 45 locations throughout the UK to make training convenient for just about anyone. We also work with


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