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In the county of Devon is the tiny village of Yettington. It is a village of narrow streets and crowded houses; a village that is right on the way to the Bicton Arena for lots of vehicles towing horse trailers. It is no surprise that a recent accident has left one Yettington mother pleading for horsebox operators to slow down. Fortunately, the accident resulted in no injuries or serious damage.

News reports say a horsebox recently tore through the village at a high rate of speed and allegedly struck the woman’s home, leaving a large crack in the wall and damaging the porch roof. Had one of the family’s children been playing out front, the accident could have been fatal.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the horsebox operator did not stop after striking the house. Fortunately, two witnesses were able to supply police with the registration. Authorities have traced the driver back to Cornwall and are now investigating.

The difficulty with these types of vehicles in such small village is the fact that the roads are not equipped to handle them. For the standalone horsebox, it is an issue of height and width. For vehicles towing horsebox trailers, there is the added problem of additional length. When the vehicles are driven down very narrow streets, there isn’t a lot of room to spare.

Accidents like this are a reminder of why the UK government requires licensing for most drivers of horseboxes and horsebox trailers. Drivers who earned their licenses prior to 1997 can tow trailers up to 3.5 tons with no additional licence. However, anyone earning a car licence after 1997 must undergo additional training to earn a B+ E licence.

The trailer towing requirements are in force whether a driver is employed by another company or operates a horsebox trailer for his own use. To that end, the HGV Training Centre offers the training necessary to earn the proper licence.

How It Works

Drivers who want to operate standalone horseboxes need to earn an HGV license, which requires taking a theory test, completing practical skills training, and then passing a final practical skills test. We offer this sort of training, including preparation for the theory test.

Drivers who simply wish to operate vehicles towing horsebox trailers will not need the additional theory test because that information was covered on the original test. However, there is specialised training that goes along with towing trailers. The practical skills test will still be required when training is complete.

If you are interested in earning a license to tow a horsebox trailer, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We are one of the UK’s leading training facilities, offering comprehensive and professional training at more than 45 locations. In no time at all, we can have you ready to take your practical skills test. We will even send one of our trainers with you!


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