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One of the first things they teach you in trailer towing training is how to properly load and balance your cargo. Part of that training deals with what types of cargo are appropriate for individual trailers. Apparently, a Canadian driver received improper training – if the contents of his horse trailer are any indication.

According to CBC News, a 48-year-old man from Perth (a town in Southern Ontario, Canada) was recently pulled over by local constables after they observed what appeared to be a horse trailer full of human passengers. In Canada, it is illegal for passengers to ride in any type of trailer; be it for horses, boats, or any other type of cargo.

Upon opening the trailer constables watched in amazement as 54 passengers emerged. They were on their way to a rodeo dance when they were stopped at roughly 11 PM local time. Police noted there was no alcohol found in the trailer or pickup truck, and the driver did not appear to be intoxicated.

The incident seems to be an innocent misunderstanding and nothing more. Apparently, the driver and his passengers believed towing a horse trailer with all on board was a more efficient way to get to the rodeo. The driver was fined $110 for ‘drawing an occupied trailer’. The man was also subject to a lecture in which he was told to rent several vans next time he wanted to transport so many passengers.

Horse Trailer Training

Towing a horse trailer is serious business. Not only does improper towing pose a risk to the driver and his/her equipment, it also poses substantial risk to others on the road. That’s why the requirements are in place; to make sure drivers who want to tow trailers are properly trained and licensed.

When it comes to horse trailers, special care needs to be taken because the cargo is unconventional. Unlike an articulated lorry filled with boxes of electronics, for example, the animal cargo in the horse trailer needs to be handled in a very specific way.

Trailer-towing training where horses are concerned takes into consideration how to properly accelerate, turn, and use braking systems in order to keep the horses safe. It also involves hooking and unhooking the trailer and manoeuvring it into tight spaces.

The HGV Training Centre offers programs enabling just about anyone to learn the ins and outs of towing a horse trailer. Older drivers may be eligible to tow a trailer without any additional license enhancements, yet appropriate training is still a good idea. Younger drivers will need to earn a specific trailer license upon finishing their training.

The good news is that the HGV Training Centre works with drivers every step of the way. We help you fill out your initial paperwork, pass your theory test if applicable, complete your practical skills training, and complete and pass your road test. We even send one of our trained staff members with you for your road test. What more could you ask?


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