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We’ve posted numerous blogs over the last several months addressing the issue of CPC driver training. So far, most of those blog posts have been intended to encourage HGV drivers to get their training so they do not lose their jobs and licenses next September. But now there’s a new reason for us to bring up the subject: a lack of CPC driver training can severely limit job prospects.

In a June 18 (2013) article published by Commercial Motor, officials from Bigfoot Recruitment say they are experiencing a lot of difficulty finding and hiring qualified drivers. The problem comes down to the fact that many companies in the haulage industry are now requiring new drivers to have completed at least part of their CPC training. Some are even requiring it to be fully complete.

In one 16-week period, the company interviewed 70 potential drivers but were only able to retain five. The remaining 65 did not qualify because of the CPC requirements. Not only is this not good for the drivers themselves, it is also a bad sign for the freight industry.

When the new CPC requirements were announced last year, more than two thirds of the UK’s commercial drivers said they would hold off on getting the training in hopes that the government would change its mind. So far, that has not happened. However, even more alarming is the fact that a large percentage of that group said they would consider retiring or starting a new career rather than complete the training.

The primary issue for drivers, at least back then, was the cost. Many were upset with a government requirement that will cost them nearly £2,000 to comply with. Moreover, it’s not a one-time investment. CPC training must be repeated every three years in order for a driver to stay on the road. That’s a fairly large sum of money that many experienced drivers are not willing to pay.

Come Train with Us

At the HGV Training Centre, we cannot do anything about the CPC driver training requirements. But we can promise you the best and most comprehensive training you’ll find anywhere. When you enrol in one of our training sessions, we will teach you everything you need to know to be CPC certified for the next three years.

If you are a company owner or fleet manager, we can help you as well. The HGV Training Centre works with some of the UK’s most well known companies. We can provide training for your entire staff of drivers, regardless of class or the type of cargo you haul.

The September 2014 deadline still seems pretty far away. Yet we recommend you take care of your CPC driver training requirements as soon as possible. If you don’t, one of two things could happen. If you are already an HGV driver, the deadline could sneak up on you and be passed before you know it. If you are currently looking for work, your job prospects may be limited by your lack of CPC driver training.


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