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The Caravan Club reports a 40% increase in caravan bookings this year. Moreover, it’s not just the summer holidays either. Caravan parks all over Britain are still running close to capacity even with the kids back in school and their parents back at work. The only thing that has changed is the clientèle. At this time of year, parks see more pensioners that have embraced the caravanning lifestyle. However, we have a question: are caravan towing courses as popular as bookings?

There are no hard and fast numbers to answer the question definitively. Nevertheless, from our experience, people are not embracing training as much as they ought to. That is unfortunate, given the fact that towing a caravan is more challenging than driving a passenger vehicle without a load.

There is also the question of whether or not the caravanner needs an additional entitlement on his or her licence to operate legally. The Government has set forth certain rules that determine licence necessity based on the combined weight of caravan and tow vehicle. A 750kg trailer can be towed using a 2,750kg tow vehicle without any additional licence necessary. A heavier trailer, or a trailer and tow vehicle combination in excess of 3,500kg requires a B+E entitlement.

We encourage you to check the GOV.UK website for more information about whether you need a B+E entitlement or not. Alternatively, you can contact us here at the HGV Training Centre. We can answer your questions and, if necessary, provide the caravan-towing course that would prepare you to take a B+E test.

People and Places

There is a distinct difference between summer caravanners and those who live the caravanning lifestyle year-round. The latter group have chosen to live the way they have because they love both the people and places. Most say there is nothing quite like seeing so many different places and meeting so many lovely people.

Caravanning offers pensioners an opportunity to see all of Britain rather inexpensively without having to maintain a permanent home that would likely cost a lot more. In addition, after they have seen Britain, they can go elsewhere. A number of caravanners interviewed recently by EADT talked about spending time in Spain, Portugal, and France.

The beauty of the caravanning lifestyle is that you are not tied down. You can stay for several months at the holiday park of your choice before closing up and moving down the road. If you make some new friends, you can even travel to different destinations together. It is all about enjoying the people and places without any of the hassles that come with living in a permanent residence.

The HGV Training Centre is thrilled to be able to help caravanners of all ages learn how to operate their vehicles safely. When you take a caravan-towing course with us, you will learn everything you need to know about driving and manoeuvring. In no time at all, we will have you ready to take to the road safely.


EADT – https://www.eadt.co.uk/news/video-caravan-club-reports-40-spike-in-bookings-but-what-makes-holidaying-in-the-uk-so-enticing-1-3788085


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