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The Caravan Times is reporting on a brand-new survey that shows one in every 10 Britons enjoys regular caravan holidays. The study further shows most caravanners are willing to drive several hours to find a destination suitable to them. Some own their own units, others rent units permanently affixed in caravan parks.

According to the survey, there are a number of reasons more and more people are choosing this type of holiday:

  1. Cost – Staying for a week in a caravan park can be, in many cases, considerably less expensive than a traditional hotel. Furthermore, a caravan holiday allows families to save on meal expenses because they can bring their own food and cook in the caravan.
  2. Environment – Caravan holidaymakers are quick to point out that most parks are considered family-friendly unless established age restrictions exist. The younger ones have a lot more freedom to move around, play and run, and generally make noise and commotion that would not be allowed in a hotel.
  3. Availability – Lastly, survey respondents noted the availability of plenty of high-quality parks throughout the UK. Many of the nation’s older parks have undergone significant investments to make them more attractive, while newer parks are now built to include all sorts of amenities families love.

Perhaps the popularity of caravan holidays is one of the things that led to the Welsh town of Bethesda agreeing to allow the Ogwen Bank Caravan Park to remain open all year round. Prior to receiving permission from the Gwynedd Council, the park was required to close for six weeks every year. Now they will remain open throughout the year.

Know the Law Before You Tow

We bring you this story as a reminder that you need to know the law before you tow a caravan. The UK law on towing is very specific in terms of vehicle class and weight, in relation to when you first earned your driver licence. You can find the legal requirements for towing a caravan on the GOV.UK website.

In a nutshell, anyone who passed the driver test prior to 1997 is okay to tow the average size caravan with a standard pickup truck or other passenger vehicle. Those earning their licenses after 1997 are subject to certain weight restrictions.

Having said all that, the HGV Training Centre recommends caravanners undergo annual training regardless of the law on towing. Being that caravans are only normally used for a few weeks of the year, it is easy to see a drop-off in skills as the year progresses. When spring rolls around again, brushing up on those skills through remedial training can make operation safer and more efficient.

If you do need a special licence to tow your caravan, training is an especially good idea. No, it is not required by law. Nevertheless, when you undergo comprehensive training through a company like the HGV Training Centre, you will learn everything you need to know to pass your driver test the first time.


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