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Whether a driver receives his or her HGV training in County Down or County Londonderry, he or she is trained in the necessity of carrying out vehicle defect checks before heading out. These vehicle safety checks are required by law throughout the UK. That said, a brand-new smartphone app is making the process a bit easier and more efficient.

The app, named SmartCheck, provides both client-side and server-side versions. The client app is installed on the Android or iPhone device and used by the driver as he or she does their walk-around inspection. Every item is checked off as they are inspected. If there is a deficiency, the driver also notes that in their electronic report.

The server application is installed on the computer of a fleet manager or company owner. Using this programme, managers and owners have real-time access to vehicle defect data. They know right away if a vehicle needs maintenance or repair before it leaves the yard or, if not, that a vehicle needs to be scheduled for a service upon its return.

Until SmartCheck came to be, the only way to conduct a vehicle defect check was with manual paperwork. The system requires fleet managers and company owners to trust their drivers are conducting proper checks in the absence of updated paperwork. In an effort to save time, paperwork is often kept in the possession of the driver until the end of the day.

Because the new system does everything electronically, the vehicle defect check automatically becomes faster and more efficient. There is no more waiting for paperwork to arrive, no more assuming a check has been conducted when it might not have been, and no more waiting until the end of the day to schedule service and maintenance.

In addition to standard VOSA checks, the app can be customised to include things the haulage operator deems necessary. This enables operators to include extra items that are important to their business but may not be required under the law. Managers and company owners can likewise use the app to remind drivers about important things without having to generate additional paperwork.

Safety and Compliance

We are pleased to see the development of any technology that makes road safety and legal compliance easier for the haulage industry. The SmartCheck app is one such development we believe will be good for business. Anything that makes drivers safer and insures regulatory compliance is good.

At the HGV Training Centre, we focus on regulatory compliance as part of our HGV training in County Down and across the UK. We understand drivers need to be made fully aware of regulations and their legal obligation to obey them at all times. Although we cannot force compliance once drivers complete their training with us, we believe instilling the proper mindset in them will be all that is necessary for most drivers.

The HGV Training centre offers comprehensive commercial driver training for all vehicle classes. We invite you to call us today for your individual or corporate driver training needs.


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