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We have long said that quality HGV driver training is among the most important factors in maintaining road safety. However, not even the best training in the world can provide all the answers. Sometimes there are car drivers willing to be reckless in order to get where they’re going, leading to accidents with HGVs. That is why so many hauliers are now turning to CCTV equipment to protect themselves against liability.

In Ireland, they are looking at how we are using CCTV equipment in the UK. What’s more, they are discovering how useful it is in protecting haulage companies from frivolous lawsuits and premeditated fraud. There is nothing like video evidence to support an HGV driver’s claim that he or she is not at fault after an accident.

According to HGV Ireland, manufacturers of CCTV equipment expect their sales to grow substantially over the next five years. One company in particular says its customers receive insurance discounts of up to 20% annually after installing equipment. It also says that only 2% of the accidents recorded by their systems go on to court as disputed claims. The industry average is about 40% in Ireland.

Every Little Bit

It is easy to make the case that CCTV equipment will more than pay for itself when you consider liability issues within the haulage and transport industries. Unfortunately, commercial drivers are often assumed to be guilty after any accident resulting in serious injuries or death. Many are even presumed guilty after minor accidents. The installation of CCTV equipment changes everything.

Every little bit of evidence in support of the HGV driver goes a long way toward protecting him or her and their employer against claims. Moreover, video evidence is very compelling indeed. So much so that other drivers often decide not to pursue claims when they realise cameras have recorded accidents. When drivers know they do not have a case, they do not bother pursuing litigation.

Training Enhancement

At the HGV Training Centre, we are in favour of anything that will enhance HGV driver training to make our roads safer. If CCTV equipment can protect the haulage and transport industries against unnecessary claims, it is a good thing. We believe it is something every commercial vehicle operator should at least consider.

Along with video cameras, haulage and transport companies should have a mind toward quality HGV driver training from a proven provider such as ourselves. There is no substitute for proper training when it comes to the safe operation of large commercial vehicles. Training can mean the difference between running a successful business and failing as a haulage or transport operator.

The HGV Training Centre operates 45+ facilities around the UK. We provide training for all classes of commercial vehicles including articulated lorries, coaches, buses, and tipper trucks. All of our training is provided by experienced professionals who know what it takes to ensure the success of our students. We can provide training on an individual basis or for your entire fleet of professionals.


HGV Ireland – http://www.hgvireland.com/10/13/irish-fleets-are-expected-to-follow-uk-with-big-increase-in-vehicle-cctv/


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