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If you think London is the only place you will find state-of-the-art double-decker buses providing city service, think again. First, one of the leading providers of bus transportation in the region, has introduced a brand-new £3.5 million fleet of vehicles that any PCV driver would be proud to work with. First hopes the 18-vehicle fleet destined for the 49 route is just the start of a system upgrade that will cause the city council to change its mind regarding a planned trolleybus system.

At this time, the city is planning to invest some £250 million in the New Generation Transport (NGT) trolleybus project designed to improve bus service in Leeds. However, First says their new fleet enables them to provide even better service at a fraction of the cost. The buses were modelled after London’s second-generation Routemasters brought back into service under Mayor Boris Johnson in 2012.

First’s new buses are state-of-the-art vehicles designed entirely around the needs of passengers. They offer leather seats, extra legroom, free Wi-Fi Internet access, and more. Each bus is also fitted with a technologically advanced engine to reduce carbon emissions. The company says the buses provide passengers with the ultimate in comfort and convenience with affordable fares and service that runs every 10 minutes during the daylight hours from Monday to Saturday.

MP Rachel Reeves has publicly stated that the introduction of the new buses is ‘great news’ for passengers in Leeds. Though her remarks are not necessarily indicative of a willingness to abandon the NGT project, they do show a willingness to embrace other options.

Increasing Bus Ridership

Investing so much money in state-of-the-art buses is about more than just providing an alternative to the Council trolleybus programme. It is also about increasing ridership for First. If the company did not believe the new vehicles would accomplish that goal, it would probably not have invested so much money in them. This tells us the company expect the 49 route to do very well in the future.

Should that be the case, First will likely continue its fleet investments by gradually upgrading all city buses. Further expansion would mean hiring new PCV drivers to operate the buses, further stimulating economic activity by pumping more money into the economy through wages. In the end, the company’s investment could end up benefiting everyone if it pays off with more passengers.

As for the PCV driver, who wouldn’t want to sit behind the wheel of one of these new vehicles? It offers the latest comfort and technology currently on the market. To be one of the first drivers to experience working with the new fleet has to be exciting.

You can become a PCV driver as well by training with the HGV Training Centre. We can prepare you to take your tests with the confidence that you will pass them the first time. What’s more, we can have you looking for work in a matter of weeks. Interested? Give us a call straight away.


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