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If you happened to go onto Google yesterday, and we suspect that is the case, did you notice the Google Doodle of the London Routemaster bus? The world’s biggest search engine frequently creates different doodles to honour important events and/or people. Yesterday they decided to pay homage to the Routemaster on its 60th anniversary. You might want to celebrate the anniversary by taking the PCV training that would allow you to drive one of the buses.

The London Routemaster bus made its début at the Earl’s Court Commercial Motor Show in 1954. It was an instant hit for tour companies looking for a way to ferry customers around the English capital in a vehicle that was cost-effective without limiting one’s ability to enjoy a tour. The key to the Routemaster’s success was its ingenious double-decker design.

It turns out the bus was developed by London Transport, created from engineering knowledge gleaned during World War II. Moreover, although its revolutionary design delighted passengers for decades, the original Routemaster was put to rest in 2005 in order to save money. As you might know, London Mayor Boris Johnson revived the Routemaster with a new model unveiled in 2012.

While the new generation of Routemasters are not quite the same, they do pay homage to one of the most iconic symbols of the city of London. We hope that they will provide decades of reliable service just as their predecessors did. It would be a shame to return to the days when London streets were void of the bright red double-decker buses.

Learn to Drive a Bus

We can think of no better way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Routemaster than to encourage you to sign up to learn to drive a bus. At the HGV Training Centre, the PCV training necessary to get a bus licence is just one of the services we offer. We can have you trained and ready to look for work as a bus driver in a matter of weeks.

A PCV licence is slightly different from the HGV licence – primarily because you are carrying passengers rather than cargo. In order to get your licence, you are required to take and pass the PCV theory test prior to beginning your practical skills training. You would take your final test at the conclusion of the second round training.

If you have a full car licence and can pass a routine medical exam, we can get you started with your PCV training right away. As soon as your medical paperwork is sent in, you can apply for a provisional entitlement and begin studying for the theory test. We can help you prepare for that 100-question test if you need help. Our students pass the PCV theory exam the first time, at a rate of 92%.

The HGV Training Centre is proud to be a leading provider of commercial driver training in the UK. We are ready to work with you to earn your PCV licence.


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