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A few weeks ago, we reported on a road rage incident involving a tour bus and two cyclists in London. In that case, the bus driver cut off the cyclists and then proceeded to verbally abuse them in broad daylight. Now we have another road rage incident involving a Ford fiesta and a lorry that occurred on a dual carriageway. A dash cam mounted inside the lorry recorded the entire incident, showing just how difficult HGV driving can be.

Video footage from the incident shows the Fiesta cutting in front of the HGV in heavy traffic. The car driver then opened his door just prior to the two vehicles colliding. He exited his vehicle, started berating the HGV driver, then hopped back in his car, and started to pull away. The two vehicles barely made it up the road when the Fiesta driver pulled onto the kerb and once again exited his vehicle to verbally abuse the lorry driver. He got in his car and pulled away a third time before finally stopping to talk things over.

According to The Mirror, the Fiesta driver decided to let the issue rest once he discovered his actions had been recorded on the camera mounted inside the truck. As such, the incident was not reported to police either. Both drivers exchanged information and went on their way without an insurance claim being filed by the Fiesta driver.

The haulage company and camera manufacturer credit the dash cam for avoiding litigation. These types of incidents often land in court because it is one driver’s word against another. The camera changes all of that. As such, more haulage and transport companies are embracing the idea of installing dash mounted CCTV cameras.

A Great Career

HGV driving is a great career, incidents such as this notwithstanding. It is a career choice that offers good pay, daily challenges, and the opportunity to be out and about. It is certainly a lot different from sitting behind a computer or standing on a manufacturing line all day.

Becoming an HGV driver is not difficult in principle. It only requires that you complete the necessary training to earn your HGV licence. When you train with the HGV Training Centre, you get all the help you need to succeed throughout every step of the process. All you need to get started is a full car licence and the ability to pass a routine medical exam.

We have been offering industry leading commercial driver training in the UK for many years. Since our company’s inception, we have worked with both individual drivers and motoring companies of all sizes. We can prepare you to be a professional driver by providing theory test preparation, classroom instruction, and behind-the-wheel training. Moreover, when it is time to take your practical skills test, we will even send one of our trainers with you to the testing site. It’s all part of what we do to help our students become the best drivers in the business.


The Mirror – https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/watch-road-rage-motorist-abuse-4277578


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