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It would be interesting to survey a number of young people and ask them which type of training would be more beneficial to the UK economy: IT or coach driver training. We suspect most would favour the IT sector due to the UK being an IT technology leader in Europe. However, if Travel Weekly is to be believed, there may be more to it than that.

According to the well-known travel magazine, tourism has the potential to be more beneficial to the UK economy in terms of attracting international business. In other words, when foreign money comes into the UK it is just as likely to be through tourism as it is the IT industry. Tourists are coming to the UK in ever-increasing numbers; numbers that are fast approaching pre-recession peaks.

Coach drivers are experiencing the surge in tourism on a daily basis. They are transporting passengers all across the UK to the most well known tourist spots, resorts, sporting events, and so on. Coach companies are hiring drivers in an effort to keep up with business growth.

Statistics also show an ongoing shortage of PCV drivers capable of operating coaches. Between retirements, career changes and improving tourism numbers, coach companies are having a hard time keeping all of their positions filled.

A Productive and Enjoyable Career

If you have ever considered a career as a professional driver, your thoughts may have been limited to the typical HGV transporting cargo from shipping yards to warehouses. That certainly is an option if you prefer that sort of work, but driving a coach is another option.

Driving a coach offers you a productive and enjoyable career highlighted by meeting all sorts of people and being part of their holidays. Yes it’s work, but it’s pleasant work for those who enjoy travel and social interactions. The ideal coach driver is a ‘people person’ who also enjoys travel.

To work in this field one needs to complete coach driver training and earn a PCV licence. The training begins – assuming one already has a standard car licence – by passing a routine medical test and applying for a provisional entitlement. That entitlement allows you to begin your practical skills training once you’ve passed your theory test.

The PCV theory test consists of 100 questions divided into two sections. It usually takes about a week to receive your provisional entitlement in the post, so that’s a good time to study for the theory test. If you need help, consider contacting the HGV Training Centre. We have a 92% first-time pass rate for the theory test.

Once you pass that test, you are ready to begin your practical skills training. We are here to help you with that as well. The HGV Training Centre is one of the most well recognised training facilities across the UK. We work with both individual drivers and companies looking for fleet training. We can help you earn your PCV licence so you can begin an exciting new career as a coach driver.


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