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Commercial drivers, as well as those receiving their HGV training in Lincolnshire or Norfolk, are likely to see some important changes coming to the Cross Keys Swing Bridge. Residents from the village of Sutton Bridge finally convinced the Lincolnshire County Council to address the issue of speeding HGVs by making a few changes to the bridge.

The county plans to spend approximately £37,000 to add a new basket handle over the bridge and change the grading of the road. A basket handle is a height restriction bar that will force drivers to slow down as they approach the bridge. There will be just enough room to get underneath if they are going slow enough.

By changing the road grading, county officials hope to further encourage drivers to slow down. A field study demonstrated that average speeds on the 30 mph road leading to and from the bridge were between 39 mph and 54 mph. The highest speeds were observed among passenger cars. The average speed for HGV’s ranges between 28 mph and 41 mph.

The residents of Sutton Bridge are hoping to benefit by seeing a real reduction in speeds among HGVs travelling through the village. The Cross Keys Swing Bridge is part of the main route leading traffic to Lincolnshire and Norfolk. Some 3,300 HGVs use the bridge every day.

A county benefits if reduced speeds also reduce road damage caused by the impact of large vehicles travelling at higher rates of speed. The county estimates it would save almost £100,000 annually on road repairs. It remains to be seen whether this will come to fruition or not.

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To begin your training you will first need to pass a standard medical exam and apply for a provisional entitlement. You can do that on your own, or get in touch with us if you need help. From there you take your theory test and, as long as you pass, begin your practical skills training. Upon completion of that training, we will send one of our trainers with you to take the practical skills test.

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