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A few weeks ago, we posted an article regarding the fact that PCV (passenger carrying vehicle) drivers are not required to pass background checks prior to being hired. The issue was raised by a taxi driver who is concerned enough to make some noise.

Until recently, we were not aware of how large a potential problem this might pose. However, thanks to a recent article from the Telegraph, we have a much clearer picture. The Telegraph reported on May 22 (2013) that there may be tens of thousands of PCV drivers now behind the wheel of a minibus or limousine without employers having any knowledge of their pasts.

The most confusing part of the issue rests in the fact that PCVs carrying fewer than nine passengers require drivers that have passed the CRB check. That means taxicab drivers are subject to background checks while minibus drivers are not. In theory, a driver prevented from taking a job as a taxi driver because of a negative CRB could still be hired to operate a minibus or limousine.

To be clear, the background check has nothing to do with PCV driver training. Any individual earning a PCV license must pass both the theory and practical skills tests. Passing those tests requires at least some training. You could make the case that training companies like the HGV Training Centre go out of their way to provide training above and beyond what is necessary to earn a licence.

A Safety Loophole

The law, as currently applied, is frustrating to many people because they see a glaring loophole that needs to be closed. According to the Telegraph, drivers in regular contact with children and other vulnerable passengers are subjected to some measure of scrutiny. Nevertheless, the law is not applied evenly to all of the UK’s 300,000 PCV licence holders.

Meanwhile, the UK government does not intend to change the law at this time. Despite the issue being raised, MPs do not believe the potential risks are grave enough to require wholesale changes. Things will be left alone unless proof of sufficient need can be provided.

Train with Us

We will leave the question of whether the law should be changed or not to the appropriate officials. However, your PCV driver training is in your hands. We invite you to take a look at what the HGV Training Centre has to offer in preparing you for your theory and practical skills tests.

We want you to know that we employ a very fast-paced and intense approach designed to get you licensed quickly. We believe this type of PCV driver training increases your chance of retaining the information and skills you need to pass your tests. And in fact, we are proud to say we have a 97% first-time pass rate among students taking the theory test.

If you are looking for PCV driver training, we can help. We offer more than 45 facilities around the UK staffed with dedicated people who know what it takes to help you succeed.


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