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West Yorkshire has become the latest UK county to crack down on reckless drivers with increased police patrols. According to several media outlets, police will be taking to the motorways in both marked police vehicles and their own unmarked HGV.

The HGV driver will be on the lookout for other HGV operators driving carelessly or breaking the law outright. The unmarked lorry is equipped with a video camera that will record everything the police officer sees behind the wheel. Drivers caught using mobile phones, eating or engaging in other distracting behaviours will be cited.

Yorkshire police will also be on the lookout for reckless drivers in cars and vans. They are one of the few police constabularies incorporating cars and vans with their HGV monitoring. The idea is to make the roads safer for everyone involved rather than just targeting HGVs and other large vehicles. Car and van drivers will be held to the same standards as the law allows.

Similar efforts have been under way throughout the UK for several months now. At both the local and national level, the goal is to reduce the number of traffic accidents on UK motorways. By letting drivers know they are being watched, police hope to remind them of their obligations to drive safely and legally at all times.

As far as new HGV drivers go, their training will hopefully be thorough enough that they will have no problem behaving themselves on the road. Whether an individual receives his or her HGV training in West Yorkshire or another part of the country, he or she should have nothing to worry about by way of police patrols if they stick to that training.

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Drivers who complete our courses and pass their tests can take advantage of our extensive jobs database, which is updated daily. The database lists open positions all over the country including location, compensation, and application instructions.

Please understand that our services do not end with individual drivers. The HGV Training Centre also works with businesses of all sizes who need help with company-wide training programs. If your company needs help preparing drivers for new CPC standards, we can help. However, don’t wait too long. All HGV drivers must complete their CPC training before September of next year.

If you are looking for a new career, why not consider becoming an HGV driver. The career offers you new challenges, the ability to travel to new places, and the ability to work without someone constantly looking over your shoulder. And don’t worry about the police in West Yorkshire or anywhere else; as long as you adhere to your training and follow the law, you will have nothing to worry about.


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