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HGV training in London has taken on a new meaning for companies that act as suppliers to Vinci Construction, UK. The company recently announced a new requirement that all suppliers bringing materials to their sites be Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) accredited. Suppliers must receive at least the bronze level of accreditation.

According to Vinci officials, suppliers using lorries in excess of 3.5 tons will have to at least register with FORS by October of this year (2013). Accreditation must be completed no later than the first of the year. Suppliers who do not meet these requirements will no longer be able to act as vendors for the company.

The purpose for demanding accreditation is to ensure all of Vinci’s suppliers are doing everything they can to prevent accidents between HGVs and cyclists in London. Several recent deaths in the UK capital have brought to light the fact that safety is a concern when large vehicles attempt to navigate London’s streets – streets that were never designed to handle such traffic.

The accreditation program trains drivers and their employers regarding all safety issues where cyclists are concerned. The raised awareness will hopefully lead to reduced numbers of accidents and fatalities.

Half the Equation

While we applaud the decision from Vinci Construction and endorse the FORS program, both of these address only half the equation. Not only were the streets of London not designed for HGVs, they were also not designed for cyclists, who can be just as careless and oblivious as commercial drivers can.

It would seem that in addition to training drivers and regulating HGVs, that training and regulation needs to also extend to cyclists. Proper safety requires all vehicles and their operators use the roads in a safe manner. Focusing only on the commercial driving industry is a short-sighted strategy.

Ready to Train

All of that aside, the HGV Training Centre provides HGV training in London and across the UK. We have more than 45 facilities staffed by committed professionals who know their business. Our fast-paced and intense approach is designed to get you ready for your tests so that you pass them the first time. We know it works because we have a 92% first-time pass rate for the HGV theory test.

When drivers complete their training through one of our facilities, they are prepared to safely operate their vehicles on all UK roads and under any conditions. We work not only with HGV drivers but also those wishing earn a licence to drive a coach, bus, horse box, trailer or forklift truck.

Upon completion of training, our drivers also have access to our extensive jobs database listing employment opportunities around the country. This database is updated every single day to ensure only available jobs are still listed. Whether you are looking for a new job or you just need some continuing education, the HGV Training Centre is your best choice. Contact us today to see just what we have to offer.


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