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The HGV training centre offers counterbalance forklift training at all of our UK facilities. This sort of training is ideal for entry-level workers looking to establish careers as forklift operators. It is also a good option for warehouse managers and business owners who decide it is time their operators receive proper training and certification.

The law does not require forklift operators to possess a specific licence in order to work. However, the law does require employers take every reasonable step to ensure a safe working environment. More often than not, that includes forklift training and certification for all operators. Fortunately, we offer both individual and corporate training. If you need training for your company operators, do not hesitate to contact us.

For the brand-new driver, here is a list of things you need to know about counterbalance forklift training:

1. Different Kinds of Forklift Trucks

You may have seen multiple job listings referring simply to ‘forklift operators’ and others specifically designating ‘counterbalance forklift operators’. While there are different kinds of forklifts used for different purposes, most of these job listings are related to the standard counterbalance forklift that is found in most warehouse environments.

A counterbalance forklift is one that utilises some sort of weight on the back of the truck to counteract the weight of the load on the forks. An electric forklift truck, for example, takes advantage of the heavy battery to add to counterbalance weight. Counterbalance forklifts are by far the most commonly used.

2. Accidents and Lack of Training

Nearly all forklift accidents are the result of either driver error or carelessness. Furthermore, many of them are related to a lack of training. We train forklift operators because we know proper training and certification produce safer drivers less likely to be involved in workplace accidents. We encourage you to get the necessary training before applying for work as a forklift operator.

3. More Than Just Driving

Students in our counterbalance forklift training programme quickly discover that forklift operation is far more than just driving. Yes, forklifts do have steering wheels, accelerators and brake pedals. And yes, those controls are used to move the vehicle from one point to the next. Nevertheless, operational control of forks involves two additional controls that operators have to learn to use smoothly.

There is also the issue of learning to navigate crowded workspaces with fully loaded forks. Operators must take into account other workers, other vehicles, equipment, and machinery that pose potential collision threats. In cases where forklifts have to be taken outside, there are the added concerns of terrain and weather.

The HGV Training Centre teaches forklift drivers everything they need to know to work safely. Upon completion of our programme, students are awarded a certificate that demonstrates their competence as operators. If your company is currently employing untrained operators, we urge you to take advantage of our training today. We are a leading provider of counterbalance forklift training along with commercial HGV and PCV training.


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