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The UK joined other European countries in 2013 when the CPC qualification requirements for bus and coach drivers went into effect. The same CPC rules became official for HGV drivers in September 2014. The implementation of the qualifications now means it is impossible to be a professional PCV or HGV driver without meeting CPC requirements.

The CPC acronym stands for ‘Certificate of Professional Competence’. It is part of a programme implemented throughout Europe to ensure all professional drivers can demonstrate the necessary competence that makes them safe drivers. The hope is that implementation of the CPC qualification will reduce the number of accidents involving large commercial vehicles.

If you are planning to become an HGV or PCV driver in the future, here is what you need to know about CPC qualification:

  1. It is part of your standard training. Commercial drivers who earned their licences prior to 2009 were required to undergo 35 hours of classroom training to meet CPC requirements. Now that all current drivers are certified, CPC training has been incorporated into the standard training one receives when earning a commercial driving licence. The training is divided into four parts:
  1. You need to renew every five years. The law requires that the CPC qualification be renewed every five years. A driver certified in 2015 would have to undergo 35 hours of classroom training sometime in 2020 in order to continue driving legally. Training could be completed at any point during that calendar year.

Currently Licenced Drivers

We assume that all currently licenced drivers have completed their CPC qualification in light of the deadlines of 2013 and 2014. Any driver who has not done so is now working illegally. Both the driver and his/her employer could face severe penalties if that driver is caught without CPC certification. It is important for every HGV and PCV driver to make sure that this is taken care of.

Currently licenced drivers should also remember the five-year requirement for retraining. The date of your most recent training should be noted on your certificate, telling you exactly when you need to return for additional training. Also, remember that the law requires drivers to carry their certificates with them while working. CPC certificates must be produced upon request of the police or another authority with jurisdiction.

The HGV Training Centre provides the necessary training to meet CPC qualification requirements. As explained earlier, it is now part of the standard training we offer all new drivers going through our courses. We offer renewal training for individual drivers and company drivers alike, and we can work with motoring companies to train an entire fleet simultaneously. If you have questions about the CPC qualification, you are welcome to contact us.


GOV.UK – https://www.gov.uk/driver-certificate-of-professional-competence-cpc/the-driver-cpc-initial-qualification


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