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If you find yourself asking, “What is CPC?” then you need to understand that your time to learn is running out. As of mid-September, all commercial drivers operating HGVs must be certified as having completed the mandatory training required by law. Proof of compliance is a CPC certificate issued by the organisation that provided the training. And please take our word for it: the government plans to aggressively enforce the new CPC regulations.

Driver CPC requirements were officially introduced in the European Union a decade ago. The intent has always been to make sure commercial drivers maintain high levels of competency in order to maintain road safety for all road users. Since its inception, the UK has been working diligently with the haulage and transport industries to make sure they understand what is required of them.

Here are the most important things you need to know about driver CPC:

1. Deadlines

Any commercial driver commencing initial training after 2009 receives CPC training as part of his or her programme. Those first licenced prior to 2009 are expected to receive their training before the imposed deadlines. For coach and bus drivers, the deadline passed in September of last year; HGV operators have until September of this year.

News reports from last summer suggested that HGV drivers would wait to see if the law would be enforced against their PCV brethren before completing training. It has been, without reservation. Therefore, it is not wise for uncertified drivers to wait any longer. With July nearly upon us there are just 10 weeks remaining until the final deadline.

2. Training Details

CPC training for already licenced drivers consists of 35 hours in the classroom under the tutelage of a certified instructor. All courses used for CPC training must be approved by the Joined Approval Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT). Course completion is all that’s needed to earn a five-year certification among already licenced drivers. No further tests are required.

New drivers will have to undergo the classroom training as well as taking two additional tests. After the first licence is earned, the newly licenced driver will only have to undergo classroom training for subsequent re-certifications.

3. CPC Certificates

CPC certificates are presented to each driver upon completing the required 35 hours of training. This certificate is proof that training has been completed, so drivers are required to carry it with them whenever they are working. They must produce it at the request of a police officer or other authorised official.

A CPC certificate is good through the end of the fifth year following its original issue. For example, drivers earning certification in 2014 will be eligible to continue working through the end of 2019. Recertification sometime during the 2019 calendar year would be necessary to keep working beyond that.

If you have any further questions about driver CPC requirements, feel free to contact the HGV Training Centre. We offer CPC training that meets all government requirements for compliance.


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