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Imagine preparing for your PCV theory test and having to review information about what you would do in the event illegal immigrants tried boarding your vehicle in France. We do not spend a lot of time talking about such things during training courses, but that may have to change. It appears as though immigrants are now targeting buses at Calais.

Earlier in the year, we reported on the difficulty HGV drivers were having with illegal immigrants trying to cross into England on the backs of their lorries. Some of these individuals have even been killed when falling beneath the tyres of fully loaded trailers. It is a dangerous practice that the authorities are trying to bring a stop to. Unfortunately, as the immigrants discover the danger of riding on lorries, they turn their attention to buses.

In one recent case, a group of schoolchildren from Yorkshire witnessed two attempts by illegal immigrants to get on board. The first attempt happened when the children were shopping in France. They witnessed a woman trying to break into the bus in the hopes of stowing away while no one was on board. She was arrested.

The second attempt occurred at the crossing at Calais. While the students were showing their passports, an unidentified man tried to make his way onto the bus unnoticed. He was detained by port officials on the scene. According to officials from the school, the drivers and staff followed all appropriate procedures to keep the students safe. Despite a few tears and some raw emotions, everything turned out fine.

The area around Calais is especially vulnerable because it is the closest French port city with access to England. Dover lies just 32 km across the English Channel, with access by either ferry or the Chunnel. Immigrants from northern Africa make their way into France in the hope of eventually crossing at Calais. Once in the UK they access generous public benefits simply by claiming asylum.

Professional Driver Training

Events like these underscore why it is so important for PCV drivers to undergo professional driver training with a company like ours. While we cannot guarantee nothing bad will ever happen to the bus driver or his or her passengers, we can promise you that effective training is what enables drivers to respond to emergencies properly. Moreover, the more training a driver receives the more appropriate the response.

Our training for bus and coach drivers begins with preparation for the PCV theory test. Upon passing that test, students are eligible to begin practical skills training at one of our 45+ facilities. Completion of the practical skills training enables the student to take his or her final practical skills test at an approved facility.

At the HGV Training Centre, we help each of our students through every step of the training and licencing process. If you are thinking of earning your licence as a coach for bus driver, there is no better place to do so than the HGV Training Centre. Contact us for details.


Daily Mail – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2673122/Immigrants-try-sneak-Yorkshire-school-trip-bus-TWICE-Calais-crossing.html


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