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The popularity of horse racing in Gloucestershire is such that local residents are never surprised to see a large number of horseboxes on local roads. However, one horsebox seen recently is decidedly different. It’s not home to racehorses; it is home to a couple of enterprising barbers who came up with a plan to use the horsebox to provide mobile service throughout the county.

Men’s hairstylists Richard Battye and Richard Humphreys have been business partners at their Brockworth and Innsworth barbershop for 25 years. They decided to open a new sort of establishment that would take their business right to their customers. They purchased an unused horsebox online and the rest, as they say, is history. The pair opened their new mobile shop right around the time of the Cheltenham Festival.

There has been no word about whether or not either of the gentleman needed a special licence to operate the vehicle, but even if so, the investment has paid off in ways that would more than offset any inconvenience. First and foremost, the mobile barbershop can operate at a much lower expense because there is no rent to pay. Furthermore, there were no planning permission problems involved either.

With their mobile barbershop, Humphreys and Battye can now take their business to wherever there is a demand throughout the county. The self-contained unit provides everything they need to offer customers the same high quality service they used to receive in the brick-and-mortar barbershop. It also offers a level of convenience not possible with a static location.

Requirements for a Horsebox License

The requirements for legally operating a horsebox in the UK can be somewhat confusing. For example, a guide published by the government specifically addresses articulated and rigid horseboxes with weights in excess of 3.5 tonnes, but only in relation to actually transporting horses for hire or otherwise. It does not address non-horse use. Moreover, since the vehicle used by the two Gloucestershire barbers is not used for transporting horses, a horsebox licence is not required.

Having said that, if the total weight of the vehicle exceeds certain limits, a commercial driver licence would still be required. The class of licence needed would depend on total vehicle weight and where and how the vehicle is primarily used.

Commercial Driver Training

The HGV Training Centre offers horsebox licence training for both trailers and rigid/articulated vehicles. However, that’s not all we offer. We can also provide training for all classes of HGVs, PCVs, heavy construction equipment, and forklift trucks. We do so at more than 45 facilities around the UK, all staffed by dedicated professionals whose only goal is to make sure you earn your licence as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in earning a horsebox licence for personal or professional purposes, we can get you enrolled in a class in no time at all. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other kind of commercial driver training as well, including CPC driver training and certification.


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