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We have all heard about the new road user levy imposed by the UK. Now, the HGV Training Centre wants to remind both individual and company drivers that the full implementation of the levy is only a week away. Beginning April 1, all HGVs weighing 12 tonnes or more must pay a nominal levy for the privilege of operating on UK roads.

Prior to the levy’s approval, UK drivers operating their vehicles outside of Britain were paying similar levies in other European countries, while drivers from those countries had to pay nothing for operating in the UK. By instituting the levy, the UK government has taken away the advantage enjoyed by non-UK drivers while also raising money for road maintenance and upkeep.

The daily charge for operating on UK roads can be anywhere from £1.70 to £10. Companies can also choose to pay an annual charge ranging from £85 to £1,000. Business owners who are not sure which is the better deal would do well to consult an accountant for advice. Charges are determined by the weight of the vehicle, the number of axles, and its classification.

Payment can be made online using a debit or credit card or through terminals set up at a limited number of fuelling stations. We recommend you choose the online method for now. The fee can be paid by individual drivers or companies employing a fleet of drivers.

Be advised that the scheme will be strictly enforced by way of remote cameras and other system checks put in place at most points of entry into the UK. Drivers caught on UK roads without having paid the levy will face an immediate fine of £300. If the fine and levy cannot be paid, the vehicle may be impounded until it is.

Compliance Recommended

The road user levy is now reality in the UK. It is not likely to change either. At the HGV Training Centre, we recommend individual and company drivers comply rather than taking the risk of being caught and having a vehicle impounded. A day without your vehicle could cost a lot more than the daily charge for driving in the UK.

Although the HGV Training Centre cannot provide any help with the road user levy, we are proud to offer high-quality training for both individual and company drivers. We can train new drivers preparing to earn a commercial licence or offer remedial training to company drivers who just need to brush up on their skills. We even offer CPC driver training and certification in anticipation of the September 10 deadline for CPC compliance.

The HGV Training Centre is your source for the most up-to-date commercial driver training in the UK. Please do not hesitate to ring our free phone number if we can help you or your company. We offer training for all classes of commercial vehicles as well as individual training for light trailers, rigid horseboxes, horsebox trailers, and caravans.


HGV Ireland – http://www.hgvireland.com/03/20/hauliers-get-uk-road-user-levy-advice/


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