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During the years leading up to the official implementation of CPC qualification requirements in the UK, some critics of the EU regulations predicted legions of drivers would either retire or move on to new careers rather than undergo the training at an average cost of £3,000 every five years. Now some of those same critics are saying the requirements are causing damage that goes beyond the financial. They are saying that the CPC requirements are actually costing lives.

One commonly cited example is that of two cyclists killed by a driver just 40 miles into a 960-mile charity ride. The driver who killed them was a younger driver who had been texting and had not had enough sleep. There are other examples as well, many of them involving younger and less experienced drivers or drivers from Eastern European countries unfamiliar with UK roads.

The critics say the CPC requirements are adding to an already pervasive driver shortage by forcing older drivers out of the industry. That means companies have to rely more on younger drivers and foreigners to fill positions that experienced British drivers no longer want. They claim a dangerous scenario has been created that we might not even know the full extent of yet.

Some of the harshest criticism has come from Parliament. UKIP transport spokesperson Jill Seymour was quoted by Breitbart UK as saying, “HGV operators are being kicked in the teeth by the EU, which always thinks it knows what’s best for Britain. Hard-working people should not be losing their livelihoods – we see no need for drivers to undertake this unnecessary and expensive course.”

It is hard to know for sure whether the CPC requirements have forced large numbers of older drivers into retirement or other careers. However, it stands to reason that such is the case. An older driver within 10 years of retirement has to weigh the cost of spending upwards of £6,000 against the potential of retiring early or taking another job for his or her remaining years. Additionally, some older drivers simply refuse to comply out of principle. In either case, the driver shortage is a reality that cannot be argued.

Training with Us

You can be part of the driver shortage solution here in Great Britain by training to become a professional driver. The HGV Training Centre offers comprehensive training programmes that include the CPC qualification requirements. When you train with us, you will earn both your commercial licence and your five-year CPC certificate. You will have to renew the certificate every five years by undergoing 35 hours of classroom work.

Our training focuses on teaching you the skills and knowledge you need to pass your tests the first time. It is a fast-paced and intense approach that has proven successful over the years. If you are ready to begin your career as an HGV driver, contact us right away. We have new classes forming regularly at more than 45 facilities all across the UK.


  1. Breitbart – https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2014/10/24/Road-Safety-Christmas-Deliveries/


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