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People involved with horse transport always have to be on their toes to make sure animals are kept safe throughout the journey. Avoiding danger at all costs is part of the game. However, what if the danger involves an illegal migrant clinging to the underside of a horsebox, hoping to cross from Calais to Dover. That exact scenario played out recently in the French port city known for migrant troubles.

News reports say that the horsebox in question was returning from an event in Norway. As with so many other vehicles, the horsebox was in a queue waiting to board the ferry to Dover. After making it through the initial barrier, the driver was instructed to pull over for further instructions. He assumed port officials simply wanted to check to make sure the vehicle was safe to be put on the ferry, but a second official approaching the horsebox informed him there was someone riding underneath the vehicle.

Police sniffer dogs found the man hanging to the chassis hoping to get across. He was detained and processed by French officials. As for the horsebox driver, he told reporters that he was surprised at the turn of events. He says he and his team went to great lengths to ensure this sort of thing would not happen. However, as the story proves, illegal immigrants attempting to cross into Dover have become quite resourceful in how they do things.

Calais is now ground zero for migrants attempting to cross the English Channel into Britain. Commercial drivers need to be especially aware in light of the fact that they could be fined if migrant stowaways are discovered on their vehicles. It is the responsibility of drivers to take every reasonable step to prevent the illegal activity.

Horse Transport Training

The good news we can report is that this sort of thing does not happen that often in relation to horse transport. The typical horsebox is not large enough to accommodate stowaways. In this case, the horsebox was just the largest vehicle in the queue at the time. Normally, migrants would prefer articulated lorries and other larger vehicles for safe passage.

Having said all that, we encourage all drivers involved in horse transport to think about training with the HGV Training Centre. Your circumstances may not require an upgrade to your licence, but training is always a good idea for the safety of your horses and yourself. The fact that horses are live cargo made them more difficult to transport safely compared to other forms of cargo. Our training can help you learn the skills you need to provide the best transport possible for your horses.

In addition to horsebox training, the HGV Training Centre also offers classes for drivers wanting to become professional HGV, LGV, and PCV operators. Our instruction is offered by qualified and experienced individuals utilising a fast-paced approach that helps students learn and retain the information they need.


Daily Mail – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2816028/Illegal-immigrant-caught-hanging-underside-horse-box-transporting-Olympic-gold-medal-winning-dressage-horse-Calais-Dover.html


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