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From our van-training programme in London to HGV training in Glamorgan, the HGV Training Centre is always looking for more people interested in earning licences to become professional drivers. In light of that, we are pleased to learn that the Transport Committee has finally agreed to look into the current driver shortage and government efforts to help alleviate the crisis.

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) says it has been pressing MPs about the industry’s inability to recruit and hire enough drivers to fill new jobs and replace those being vacated due to retirement. The FTA has also been warning for months that the problem has reached crisis levels throughout the logistics industry. Without an immediate and concerted effort to recruit more drivers, the future of the logistics industry does not look good.

In an official statement, FTA chief executive David Wells said:

“The FTA is delighted that the Transport Committee is going to investigate the lack of skilled drivers as this has been an important issue for our members who have been concerned about this for a very long time.

“In my recent conversations with MPs I have emphasised the real problems the logistics sector is having in finding skilled staff and the Government needs to play its role in helping deliver the goods for the UK economy.”

We all now wait with anticipation to learn what the Committee determines in its investigation. We have heard promises before, only to have those promises disqualified by leaders who have had a change of heart. What we do not need is more discussion about the possibility of future problems. The future is already here; we need action.

Train to Be a Professional

The HGV Training Centre wants to encourage drivers of all ages to consider a professional driving career. Driving an HGV or PCV is an excellent way to earn a living in an industry that is competing aggressively for the best talent available. With a few weeks of your time and a modest financial investment, you can earn your PCV or HGV licence and immediately start looking for work.

We are the only training company in the UK offering financial assistance through our partnership with Pay 4 Later. This partnership means you can finance any of our training classes now, and then pay off what you borrow after completing training and landing a job. We make it possible for you to become a professional driver without having to pay all of your expenses up front and out-of-pocket.

It may be that the Transport Committee determines the government has not done enough to either encourage professional driving careers or help finance training. However, why wait for the slow pace of government to do what it does? You can take your future into your own hands by signing up for training with the HGV Training Centre. We offer PCV and HGV training in Glamorgan, London and at almost four dozen locations throughout the UK.


  1. FTA – https://fta.co.uk/press-releases/20150911-investigation-into-lack-of-skilled-drivers-good-news-for-uk-economy


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