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HGV training in London took on a new meaning today (20 June, 2013) thanks to the Exchanging Places program sponsored by Croydon’s Safer Transport Engagement Team (STT). The team set up a lorry outside of London’s Norbury fire station and encouraged cyclists to climb into the cab.

The idea was to give cyclists an idea of what a lorry driver sees from the inside of his/her vehicle. Team members explained to their guests how drivers use mandatory mirrors as a way of seeing what’s around them. However, they also explained the inevitable blind spots that cannot be avoided.

In showing cyclists what HGV drivers actually see, it is hoped they will have a better understanding of how to ride bicycles safely in the presence of heavy goods vehicles. Simply knowing that they cannot be seen might be enough to encourage the cyclist to use a bit more caution.

Exchanging Places is a great addition to several other programs designed to give HGV drivers the cyclist’s perspective. A few events earlier this year put drivers on bicycles so they could experience sharing the road with lorries. It can be frightening, to say the least.

Reducing Accidents

Reducing the number HGV/bicycle accidents must be a combined effort bringing operators of both together. That’s why programs like Exchanging Places are so effective. When cyclists and HGV drivers better understand one another’s perspective, it encourages more awareness and safer operation.

The only thing that would make these programs more effective would be encouraging participants to take advantage of them on an ongoing basis. Keeping the information fresh in one’s mind makes one even safer.

HGV Training Emphasises Safety

Competent HGV training, like the programs we offer, emphasises driver safety in relation to all vehicles on the road. Nevertheless, special emphasis needs to be put on cyclists, given they are much more difficult to see than passenger cars and vans. When students are properly instructed in road safety, everyone on the roads benefits.

The HGV Training Centre is proud to note that we stress safety as an integral part of our training programs. Not only is it vital for the protection of cyclists and other drivers, but safety is also part of the HGV theory and practical skills test. We want every driver going through our training to be prepared to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of safety issues.

With more than 45 training facilities throughout the UK, the HGV Training Centre provides comprehensive training for both individuals and companies. We offer professional training for HGVs, PCVs, heavy construction equipment, horseboxes and horsebox trailers, buses, coaches, and forklift trucks. We also offer individual training for trailers and caravans.

When you train with us you will experience a fast-paced and intense approach designed to help you learn and retain information as effectively as possible. Our 92% first-time pass rate for the HGV theory test is evidence that our programs work. If you need any type of driver training, contact us today.


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