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Last month we reported on the opening of a brand-new Bio-LNG fuelling station operated by Gasrec, Europe’s only producer of liquid biomethane (LBM). Now the company has apparently teamed up with Volvo in a project to expand the Gasrec network of fuelling stations.

The Environmental Leader reported June 18 (2013) that the joint project is now under way; a project that will cover the UK with a first-ever network of open-access Bio-LNG fuelling stations tailored specifically to HGVs and other commercial vehicles. The ambitious project aims to cut carbon emissions within the haulage industry by nearly 60% when the network is completed sometime in 2015.

Bio-LNG is a renewable fuel product comprised of a combination of liquid natural gas (LNG) and LBM. It can be produced with common organic waste materials including typical household waste. That means Bio-LNG not only burns cleaner, it also reduces the amount of waste headed for landfills.

In terms of Volvo’s participation, they already make a line of engines capable of running on renewable fuels. They are expected to increase production and promote the engines in all new HGV sales. Volvo is one of the leading producers of HGVs in Europe.

The announcement of the project is welcome news among both government officials and environmental activists who have been pushing for a significant reduction in emissions within the haulage industry. The introduction of a legitimate Bio-LNG product definitely moves things to the next level.

A Welcome Change

It will be interesting to see how HGV drivers react to the changing fuels in the future. One thing is for sure – regardless of whether a driver received his or her HGV training in West Sussex or Gwent, whether he or she is based in Edinburgh or London, his or her livelihood will be affected eventually.

Hopefully the switch to biofuels will be a welcome change among drivers. We know sometimes change is not well received, but this seems to be one with very few downsides. As long as the biofuels deliver the same performance – and we see no reason why they shouldn’t – making the switch to Bio-LNG is a positive step forward.

All that said, driving an HGV professionally is a great way to earn a living while seeing new places and meeting new people. It’s the ideal career choice for people who do not like the idea of sitting in a cubicle or working in a manufacturing environment all day. Driving an HGV is a job that offers plenty of variety, excitement, and adventure.

To get your license you will have to acquire a provisional entitlement, pass the appropriate theory test, undergo your practical skills training, and pass your road test. The good news is that the HGV Training Centre exists to see you through the entire process – from start to finish.

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