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As a leading provider of HGV training in Kent, we are fully aware of how busy the port city of Dover is. HGVs of all sizes regularly rumble through the area on the way to or from France. And of course, the haulage industry provides transport services for tonnes of goods coming into England by way of ship. The logistical importance of Dover seems to suggest that it should get a significant share of the funds raised by the recent HGV Levy, but that is not the case. Moreover, the residents of Dover are not happy about it.

Those living and working in the area have long complained about poor road conditions and excessive pollution resulting from the excessive amount of commercial road traffic. They were hoping that the HGV Levy would provide some of the funds needed to fix their roads and clean the air. However, the town was told the funds raised from the Levy are not targeted at specific communities.

According to the Dover Express, £17 million collected thus far has been put into the consolidated fund for use in whichever the government sees fit. DfT spokesperson Tom Bennett told the Dover Express that the Highways Agency (HA) receives some of the money, but that improvements to the A2 and other local roads are not on the agency’s schedule right now. He went on to say that the HA is reviewing proposals for two junction upgrades at the Bean and Ebbsfleet interchanges.

It is understandable that people in Dover would be upset to learn they are not getting any of the HGV cash right away. Nevertheless, it should be equally upsetting to discover that the funds raised by the levy are being put into the consolidated fund. The whole point of instituting the levy was to provide the cash necessary to maintain the UK road system. To discover the money could be used for other purposes is to realise the haulage industry is again being taxed to fund other government needs. The only positive aspect is that foreign operators are being taxed as well.

Part of the Business

Here at the HGV Training Centre, we take a pragmatic approach in understanding that road use levies are part of the haulage business. As such, we accept the fact that the industry will have to pay taxes other industries are not subject to. Having said that, we hope taxation does not dissuade you from considering a career as a professional driver. You are only personally liable to pay the HGV levy if you are an owner-operator. Otherwise, your employer pays the tax.

If driving professionally is something that intrigues you, we offer HGV training in Kent and throughout the UK. We operate more than 45 training facilities staffed by professionals who are 100% committed to your success. We will train you with a fast-paced and intense approach that will prepare you to pass your tests the first time. We can have you ready to begin looking for work in a matter of weeks.


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