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The largely sedentary nature of professional driving suggests that industry workers could be subject to a range of serious health issues the longer they work in the field. Using data compiled by a number of different sources, occupational health expert Diane Romano-Woodward makes the case for individual health assessments to prevent such problems in a piece published on the Personnel Today website.

The research, cited by Romano-Woodward, shows that 80% of American HGV drivers report suffering from at least one of the following:

Furthermore, a significant percentage of the surveyed drivers said they were smokers and prone to not paying attention to their diets. The combined factors create the perfect storm that could lead to severe health problems as these drivers age.

Romano-Woodward suggests the same conditions exist here in the UK. She proposes the introduction of a formal Health Needs Assessments (HNA) that would include teaching professional drivers how to evaluate their own health.

In theory, corporate driving training programmes would include company-sponsored health assessments on a regular basis. The programmes would also train drivers in how to assess their own health periodically and, when necessary, to spot warning signs that health problems exist.

What Romano-Woodward has proposed is still in its early stages. However, it is possible that other occupational health experts could pick up on the idea and eventually make it reality. It is possible that individual health assessments will be part of corporate driver training in the future.

Maintaining good health is essential for the professional driver. Between the sedentary nature of driving and the injuries that can result during loading and unloading, the driver is the most important advocate looking out for his or her own safety and well-being. We hope that drivers throughout the UK take the need for good health seriously. Eating right, getting exercise, and controlling tobacco and alcohol consumption are all important parts of being a top-notch driver.

A Good Career Choice

Despite the health concerns, professional driving is a great career choice that offers stability and good pay. Young people just starting out in their careers should consider professional driving as one viable option. All it takes to get started is the right training with a company such as the HGV Training Centre.

Different classes of commercial vehicles require different licences, but you need not worry when you train with us. We provide training programmes for HGVs, LGVs, PCVs, and vans. Whether you want to work as a lorry driver or a cross-country coach driver, we can have you trained and ready for work in a matter of weeks.

The HGV Training Centre also offers corporate driver training programmes designed to keep your workers up to speed with current regulations and best practices. We believe the best drivers are those that undergo remedial training from time to time. To that end, we can work with your company regardless of the size and scope of your business.


Personnel Today – https://www.personneltoday.com/hr/assessing-health-needs-lorry-drivers/


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