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Statistics show that the first aid received by victims in the minutes directly after traffic accidents significantly affects survival rates. That reality has led two organisations to teamed up to offer brand-new truck driver training to volunteers willing to act as emergency first aid providers until emergency services arrive on scene.

HGV UK reports that the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) Driver First Assistant (DFA) have joined forces to offer the new training. The training is focused on fleet drivers because they log more miles and are more likely to be involved in crashes resulting in serious injuries. However, HGV UK says anyone can sign up to be a DFA participant. All are volunteers willing to assist accident victims on scene.

Drivers in the programme are being trained in three areas:

The benefit of the programme to accident victims should be obvious. However, there are also benefits to the volunteers. As volunteers, they are not legally required to offer assistance if they are not comfortable doing so. Furthermore, they have no legal liabilities because of their status as Samaritans.

Programme directors hope to eventually train thousands of drivers able to volunteer at accident scenes. The more volunteers on the road, the more both organisations will be able to prevent unnecessary deaths that could be prevented with emergency first aid.

The IAM is in a perfect position to spearhead the truck driver-training programme given their reputation throughout the UK and Europe. The organisation currently boasts a membership of more than 100,000 and it is well known for offering high-quality safety training.

It’s All about Training

The IAM and DFA programme underscores what truck driver training is all about. Whether it’s first aid or hazard avoidance, there’s no doubt that proper training makes drivers safer. This is one of the primary reasons behind the UK adopting the CPC regulations for commercial drivers.

Here at the HGV Training Centre, we provide truck driver training at multiple levels. First of all, we train new drivers to earn their HGV class 2 Cat C licence in anticipation of eventually working in the commercial field. We can train them independently or on behalf of a haulage or transport company.

HGV CAT C Licence

Secondly, we also offer remedial training for fleet managers desiring to keep their drivers up to date. This includes CPC training for both HGV and PCV drivers. We work with companies of all sizes across Great Britain at more than 60 locations. Our number one goal is to make sure fleet operators always put the best possible drivers on the road.

You are welcome to enrol with us for your own truck driver-training programme today. We can get you started right away as long as you have full car license and the ability to pass a routine medical exam. For more details, feel free to contact us using the telephone number provided on this website.


HGV UK – http://www.hgvuk.com/05/27/driver-first-assist-joins-forces-with-the-institute-of-advanced-motorists/


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