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It is unlikely that earning a forklift certificate could prepare you to stare a massive fire in the face while removing dangerous chemicals. Thank goodness then that a forklift operator in Scotland was able to keep his wits about him after a massive fire broke out at the Larkhall Industrial Estate in Strutherhill.

News reports say firefighters were called to the scene about 11:25 PM on May 24. The blaze, which eventually destroyed eight buildings, required some 70 firefighters and 14 appliances to bring under control. Perhaps the most frightening part of the entire event was the realisation that nearby chemicals could explode and cause a much more serious condition if not removed. The solution was to bring in a forklift to get them out of the way.

Making matters worse was the sinking reality that firefighters were running out of water on site. They had to move lines to the main street in order to keep fighting the fire. In the meantime, the chemicals moved by the forklift had to be transported to a location far enough away to remain safe.

Residents described the scene as being somewhat chaotic. Moreover, flames could be seen all across Larkhall through the night. A number of crews remained on scene in the morning to dampen hotspots and prevent reignition. Fortunately, no one was injured or killed in the event.

Forklift Training and Certificate

There is no official word about whether or not the person who drove the forklift was a trained and certified operator or just a firefighter who knew how to get the job done. In either case, it is very fortunate that someone was available to remove the potentially dangerous chemicals. The fact that a forklift was deployed underscores the need for good forklift training.

A forklift may seem like an easy vehicle to drive safely, but it’s not. Forklifts are incredibly heavy, cumbersome when loaded, and prone to obscuring the view of operators. Learning to drive one safely is an acquired skill that takes time and practice. That is what our forklift certificate classes are all about.

The HGV Training Centre is proud to offer a forklift certificate in addition to commercial driver training for HGVs, PCVs and other types of vehicles. We believe our forklift training is just as important to the commercial sector as our driver training programmes. As such, we put the same amount of effort and dedication into training forklift operators.

UK law does not require forklift certification as a condition for employment. However, companies are required to ensure the safest environment possible for all workers. Most companies these days are opting to hire only trained and certified forklift operators in order to fulfil that requirement.

If you are looking to work as a forklift operator, you will be ahead of the competition if you’re willing to earn your forklift certificate before you apply. Feel free to contact us here at the HGV Training Centre for more information about completing your training with us.


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