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Mark Grimmett was passing through Guildford town centre on a recent Friday afternoon when he noticed a minibus pulled over to the side of the road. Seeing smoke coming from the vehicle, he stopped his car and jumped out to see if he could help. He came upon a minibus driver and support worker evacuating disabled children as quickly as they could, so he pitched in to lend a hand. Just moments after the last child was taken off the bus the vehicle went up in flames. Now Grimmett is being hailed as a hero along with the driver and support worker listed in news reports only as Allan and Ros.

The destroyed minibus is owned by the AMK Group and contracted by Surrey County Council to provide transportation to some disabled children attending the Pond Middle School and its sister schools in the region. Almost all of the students who attend the school arrive by minibus. Drivers like Allan are licenced professionals who, with the help of support workers like Ros, provide safe and timely transportation of their passengers.

We do not hear fantastic stories like this one every day because burning minibuses are so rare. However, we believe it is fair to say that most other minibus drivers in the UK would do no less in similar circumstances. Professional drivers are dedicated to their passengers in ways most people do not understand. Our compliments to both Allan and Ros for a job well done, as well as to Mr Grimmett for risking his personal safety to pitch in.

Why We Focus on Safety

In order to drive a minibus professionally, it is necessary to earn a minibus licence that includes Driver CPC training. Part of that training is hazard perception and response. While we do not necessarily train future minibus drivers how to quickly evacuate a minibus at risk of exploding into flames, we do cover major safety concepts that include exits and emergency evacuations. We focus a great deal of our training on safety because it matters so much.

To all those family members who had children on the AMK Group bus, driver training is equally important. They trust minibus drivers to get their children safely to and from school without incident. And they also trust that any incidents that do occur will be handled appropriately and professionally. They have a right to such expectations. Thankfully, this incident ended well because three people knew what to do – and they did it.

The HGV Training Centre offers comprehensive minibus training for anyone looking to get a minibus licence. We cover all of the necessary aspects of safe and efficient driving in classes that are affordable, convenient, and timely. Getting a minibus licence after completing our training will enable you to drive professionally, operating vehicles of up to 7500 kg and seating capacities of up to 19 passengers. Contact us for more information about class locations, dates, schedules, and prices.


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