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The latest compliance numbers from the DVSA are both good and bad for company drivers and operators. On the one hand, the number of offences being committed by non-UK drivers and operators is up while the road worthiness of both foreign and domestic vehicles inspected during random checks has improved.

According to the data, the number of UK-registered vehicles cited for mechanical defects fell during the 12 months ending in April 2015. Only 9.3% of the checked vehicles were issued prohibitions, down from 10.2% the previous year, while the number of trailers found with mechanical defects fell from 12.5% to 9.8%.

Foreign-registered vehicles also fared well. The number of trucks out of compliance fell from 17.7% to 15% while the numbers for trailers were 22.5% and 20.9% respectively. It is no surprise that the number of prohibitions issued to non-UK vehicles was greater; it generally is.

Despite the good news regarding the road worthiness of commercial vehicles, there is bad news among foreign company drivers and independent operators. The number of driving violations discovered during random roadside checks during the same 12-month period showed an increase of several percentage points. Approximately 16% of the drivers stopped for random checks were found in violation as opposed to just under 14% the year before. According to the DVSA, most of the increase is related to the HGV Road User Levy implemented last year.

Better Equipment and Better Drivers

Although the DVSA numbers have their ups and downs, the reality is clear: we are seeing better equipment and better driving practices on the roads every year. Between higher standards and more stringent enforcement efforts, the roads are safer – at least insofar as commercial transport is concerned. The HGV Training Centre is proud to be a contributor to that improvement by way of our industry-leading training programme.

Our training for both independent and company drivers includes a full range of topics, not the least of which is regulatory compliance. We understand that the regulations, as cumbersome as they can sometimes be, are intended to make the roads safer for everyone. And until the regulations are eliminated, we have an obligation to make sure every driver who passes through our doors knows what is expected of him or her as a professional.

Part of safe driving is making sure the vehicle you intend to operate is roadworthy. This is the very reason professional drivers are required by law to do a walkaround safety check before embarking on a journey. It is why operators are required to keep stringent records of all safety checks, maintenance, and repairs. There is little justification to be found driving a vehicle with mechanical defects in a random roadside stop.

We believe training is an important part of driver safety throughout an individual’s career. To that end, we provide ongoing CPC training in addition to our licence training for inexperienced drivers. We train individual and company drivers operating all kinds of commercial vehicles.


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