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At this time last year, we were talking about the recent passing of the CPC deadline and the fact that HGV drivers who had not yet completed CPC courses needed to do so or risk fines or potential job loss. We are now happy to report that recent DVSA numbers prove the nation’s drivers are in compliance with the regulations. The government says 99% of the drivers they stopped and checked this year had completed training and were carrying valid CPC certificates with them.

The deadline for uncertified HGV drivers to complete their inaugural CPC training was last September (2014). PCV drivers were required to complete their training by September 2013. Interestingly enough, a fair number of HGV drivers resisted taking training until they were positive the government would be enforcing the rules with PCV drivers. Once it became apparent they were, HGV drivers began signing up for CPC courses.

The DVSA carried out some 89,000 roadside checks between last September’s deadline and the end of August 2015; just 1,400 violations were discovered. The DVSA are obviously pleased with the results, although they remind the industry there is room for improvement among those 266 drivers and operators who were prosecuted within the last 12 months.

What the Law Says

The law mandates that every professional driver operating large, commercial vehicles on public roads be CPC certified. Certification demonstrates a driver’s competence in operating his or her vehicles according to the law and industry best practices. Certification is good for five years at a time.

Upon completing 35 hours of approved classroom work, a driver is awarded a valid CPC certificate. That certificate must be carried with the driver at all times when working and, when requested by authorised individuals, immediately produced as proof of compliance. Drivers must take an additional 35 hours of training to be recertified any time within the fifth year of the current certificate.

Drivers found not in compliance face fines of up to £1,000 and potential driving bans. Operators who knowingly send out uncertified drivers in company vehicles can also be penalised.

In terms of what training encompasses, that depends on the training provider. The government gives us considerable latitude in developing CPC courses that cover a broad range of topics. Here at the HGV Training Centre, we include a standard set of courses that all of our new drivers undergo en route to first earning their commercial driving licences. After the initial training, we offer a set of CPC classes that is continually expanding. We can even develop custom classes to meet the needs of specific corporate clients.

We Train Drivers in CPC

The HGV Training Centre is proud to work with motoring companies of all sizes all across the UK. We are proud to offer qualifying CPC courses that not only meet the requirements of the law but also make our drivers among the best on the road. We believe there is no substitute for competent, high-quality training.


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