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It is never pleasant to have to begin thinking about the prospects of winter driving. Nevertheless, here in the UK, it cannot be avoided. From our PCV training in London to our HGV training in Torfaen, one of the things we spend quite a bit of time working on is inclement weather driving skills. Professional drivers need to be fully aware of how to handle their vehicles in bad weather. We encourage professional drivers across the UK to start thinking about winter driving now.

According to news sources, the 2015/2016 winter could be one of the worst we have seen in decades. Cooler temperatures in the Atlantic have created conditions that are very conducive to extremely cold temperatures and plenty of snow from November through until March. Some are saying this winter could be very reminiscent of the 1962/1963 season, which saw persistent and heavy snows along with frozen lakes and rivers from coast-to-coast. Interruptions in transport and haulage are a very real possibility.

PCV and HGV drivers should be aware that the cold temperatures and snow could begin as early as late October. Now is the time to practice those driving skills that will maximise safety once/if the weather does hit. Autumn rains are perfect for practicing braking techniques, cornering, and modifying speeds commensurate with the weather.

Operators Can Prepare As Well

September is also a good time for operators to begin making preparations. Winter preparations start with a thorough inspection of all equipment. Buses and lorries should be checked for tyre wear, proper lighting and reflective materials, proper brake functioning, and working defroster and wiper equipment. Operators should not ignore the fact that they could be liable if faulty equipment leads to an accident.

We encourage both transport and haulage companies to carefully consider their drivers alongside their equipment. Veteran drivers have enough winter experience under their belts to do an excellent job for you this winter, although a day or two of training would not hurt. New drivers that have never experienced winter weather in a lorry or bus could definitely use the extra training. It is essential to have top-of-the-line equipment, especially during inclement weather, but top-of-the-line drivers are also necessary as well.

We Can Train Your Drivers

The professionals at the HGV Training Centre believe that one of the best ways to ensure safety during the winter season is through proper training. We are prepared to provide your entire team with remedial training that will refresh their winter driving skills while also bringing them up to date with relevant changes in the law and industry best practices. Best of all, we make training convenient with nearly four dozen locations scattered across the UK.

We are a leading provider of commercial driver training offering both PCV and HGV training in Torfaen and all across the UK. We are standing by to prepare your team for the upcoming winter season. Please contact us for information about classes, locations, times, and pricing.


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