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We have been hearing about the persistent HGV driver shortage for the better part of two years. The reasons for the shortage are varied, covering everything from ongoing retirements to the bad image normally associated with professional driving. Moreover, with the economy picking up steam, the problem is only getting worse. This has led to employers searching for creative ways to lure company drivers.


Wincanton, one of the largest logistics companies in the UK, recently spoke with HR Magazine regarding strategies they use to hire and retain HGV drivers. Human resources director Julie Welch told the magazine that it is a matter of her company putting more time and resources into driver training and recruitment.


One of the long-standing programmes the company uses is an apprenticeship scheme that sees about 200 participants every year. Another is their Warehouse to Wheels programme that encourages warehouse workers to transition into driving. Those who opt to take advantage of it are provided with the necessary training to earn their HGV licences.


According to Welch, the company has weathered the driver shortage fairly well by taking a proactive approach at all times. Like a good sports team, Wincanton is continually occupied with recruiting and developing new talent so that there are always available people in the pipeline. The company believes that their strategy has allowed them to maintain a constant level of company drivers that helps them provide the service their customers are used to.


Becoming a Professional Driver


Individuals interested in becoming company drivers have a couple of options for reaching their goals. One option is to join a company willing to provide training in exchange for a commitment to work for them for a predetermined amount of time. This option allows the individual to start being paid right away.

A second option is to complete driver training prior to beginning a job search. This option allows newly licenced drivers a bit more flexibility in terms of whom they want to work for. Here at the HGV Training Centre, we help our students find work by giving them access to our up-to-date jobs database covering positions all across the UK.

Regardless of which path future company drivers choose to take, it all starts with proper training. In order to train, a new driver must already have a valid car licence. The student undergoes a routine medical exam, applies for a provisional entitlement, takes and passes the theory test, then moves on to practical skills training in preparation for the final practical skills test.

When you work with the HGV Training centre, you can earn your licence in weeks rather than months. Our fast-paced and concentrated approach teaches you exactly what you need to learn in order to pass your tests the first time. What’s more, our training approach has consistently proven successful. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial driver training for individual and company drivers. We would be happy to train you.


  1. HR Magazine – http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/hr/features/1148812/wincantons-route-success


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