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The history of Boxing Day in the UK dates back to at least the mid-17th century. It was a holiday originally conceived as a way to allow the wealthier members of society to show their appreciation to tradesmen and other service providers for the hard work they put in during the previous 12 months. This year, one service provider in Falmouth intends to do something a little different. He intends to put his bus driver training and his own, personally restored bus, to work by providing free transportation on Boxing Day.

As reported by the West Briton News, Falmouth bus driver Craig George will be ferrying people around town in his restored Hoppa, a vehicle that used to be one of an entire fleet that traversed Cornwall roads in years gone by. George has spent more than £5,000 restoring the bus because, quite frankly, he loves buses. He has already used the Hoppa to provide transportation for schoolchildren.

George told the West Briton News that he enjoys being able to do something nice for the community despite the fact that his restored Hoppa is considered an ‘ugly duckling’ among commercial passenger vehicles. Although it does not compare to the 1994 Mercedes bus he previously restored, he is thrilled to be able to transport people to and from the Boxing Day sales in a historical vehicle he believes they will more than appreciate.

A Bus Driving Career

Mr George is to be commended for his willingness to give up his own time and resources in order to help others on Boxing Day. However, he should also be commended for his years of faithful service as a minibus driver in Falmouth. George’s dedication to his craft says a lot about the quality of the men and women who work as professional bus drivers.

Driving a bus for a living is not always the most pleasant or enjoyable job around. Let’s face it; passengers can be difficult to work with at times. Nevertheless, the career is a rewarding one overall, as George and others will probably tell you. We encourage you to consider becoming a professional bus driver if you are just starting out in your career. Bus driving is also a great choice for older workers who find themselves victims of redundancy.

To become a professional driver, you need only complete your bus driver training with the HGV Training Centre. All of our training programmes are conducted by experienced and certified trainers who know just what it takes to prepare you for your theory and practical skills tests. You might be interested to know that our PCV students boast a first-time pass rate of 92% for the theory test.

The HGV Training Centre offers regularly forming classes at more than 45 facilities throughout the UK. We invite you to contact us for more information about completing bus driver training. We could have you looking for work in the matter of weeks.


West Briton News – http://www.westbriton.co.uk/Barmy-buses-coach-driver-restores-Hoppa-free/story-25438540-detail/story.html


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