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Europe’s lorry and bus drivers are already not happy with new requirements making CPC training mandatory every three years in order to maintain one’s license. Now it appears drivers may have to pass another HGV test every day they get behind the wheel. How so? Through a ruling now being drafted that will make it easier to install digital tachographs in every new HGV rolling off the assembly line.

The digital tachographs will make it much easier to track driver activity including speed, routes taken, and rest times. Drivers who break the law in regards to these things will now have no defence when staring digital data directly in the face. The idea is to crack down on those drivers willing to skirt the regulations.

Furthermore, the new tachographs are based on the latest technology that makes fraud and tampering very difficult. It is hoped that the technology will not only reduce the temptation to tamper, but also make sure regulations are applied fairly to all commercial vehicles on the road. As it stands, the rules are applied only as local authorities are able to keep up with traffic.

Under the proposal, the need for roadside checks will be reduced because inspectors will only need to look at vehicles with electronic data that suggests some impropriety by the driver. The directive makes it clear that collected data cannot be used to issue automatic fines. Data still must be downloaded, analysed, and confirmed by a manual inspection.

That said, the data would be available to inspectors on the road. That’s where the idea of passing the daily HGV test comes into play. Drivers never know when they will be subject to a roadside inspection, encouraging them to always make sure they are within the limits of the law – just in case today is the day.

There are exceptions to the new regulations, including exemptions to vehicles under 7.5 tonnes carrying cargo or tools that will be used within a certain distance of origin. The rules are primarily aimed at long-haul drivers who are more prone to bend the rules in order to decrease delivery times.

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At the HGV Training Centre, we take both UK and EU regulations seriously. In all of our training programs, students are instructed about current laws and their requirement to follow him. We make sure each of our students is fully aware and understanding of those laws before completing their classes.

If you are an individual driver looking to get the training you need to pass your HGV test, there’s no better option than the HGV Training Centre. We have over 45 training facilities throughout the UK, all staffed by dedicated professionals who know their business. We want to help you get started today.

Fleet managers are also invited to contact us regarding the provision ongoing training to your drivers. That can include CPC training required to fulfil EU regulations. Feel free to get in touch with us today.


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