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With the full implementation of the new CPC requirements under way, two prominent industry trade groups have come out in opposition to one of the Directive’s requirements they believe will put undue burdens on freight transport and haulage companies throughout the UK. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) and Road Haulage Association (RHA) recently wrote to MP Stephen Hammond to voice their concerns.

According to company officials, the new directive requires mechanics and garage technicians to undergo CPC training in order to drive HGVs to and from testing facilities. Although not explicitly stated, it is understood that training will also be required to move vehicles from one facility to the next if those vehicles have to be taken out on the road to do so.

FTA and RHA representatives contend that the financial cost of training the nation’s mechanics and technicians is more than most companies can afford to spend. The inevitable result will be either individuals driving the vehicles illegally or vehicles not getting proper testing because there is no one to drive them. Neither outcome is good.

Both organizations also believe the intent of the directive was never to include technicians. These individuals do not haul freight or spend a large amount of time behind the wheel on public roads. To the extent they drive the HGV in their care, it’s only to complete the necessary maintenance and repair work.

HGV Drivers Not Exempt

As for the everyday HGV driver, the HGV Training Centre wants to reiterate that there are no exemptions. We believe this is necessary due to the fact that so few of the nation’s licensed drivers have even signed up for CPC training despite the fact that the requirement was made known years ago. According to the law, lorry drivers must have their CPC training completed by September of 2014. Bus and coach drivers need to be trained by September of this year.

At the HGV Training Centre, we provide the CPC training and certification you need. What’s more, we offer it at a very affordable price and during convenient times. With more than 45 training facilities throughout the UK, there is undoubtedly one close to you.

If you are currently an HGV driver, remember your training will be good only for three years. You will then have to renew your certification by undergoing remedial training every three years. It may be expensive and inconvenient, but it is the law.

Fleet managers are also encouraged to call the HGV Training Centre to find out information about using our corporate services. We work with some of the UK’s most well known logistics, freight, and haulage companies. We can help you manage drivers effectively through exemplary training. We can also help you make sure you reach your CPC training targets by the 2014 deadline.

Despite the fact that some drivers and their managers are hoping the directive will be changed before next year, that’s not likely. Better to get going on meeting the requirements now, rather than waiting until next year.


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