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Every year the Freight Transport Association (FTA) publishes their annual European Road Transport Guide for UK lorry drivers who work throughout the EU. The guide is an essential tool to keep drivers abreast of ever-evolving regulations and guidelines. Without it, far too many drivers would not have the information they need for driving safely and legally outside the UK.

From a technical standpoint, lorry driving is relatively the same no matter where in Europe a driver is. However, in practice that’s not true. For example, this year’s Transport Guide includes lots of updated information regarding toll increases, local and national holidays, and weekend lorry bans. The information is invaluable to independent drivers and fleet managers alike.

With this information at hand, drivers and managers are better able to plan long-haul trips outside the UK. This is especially important when lorry driving takes vehicles across several EU jurisdictions in a single trip. Without proper planning a trip can become costly, inefficient, and fraught with regulatory obstacles.

Above and Beyond Training

Some may believe that HGV drivers and fleet managers should already know this type of information. Nevertheless, because it goes above and beyond the standard HGV training, that’s not always the case. Furthermore, the CPC training now required for all HGV drivers just adds another layer of information they are forced to absorb. Expecting them to remember the details of what’s found in the Transport Guide is unrealistic.

The 18th edition of the European Road Transport Guide has been released with no price increase. Furthermore, the FTA took advantage of a large volume of suggestions offered by the nation’s professional HGV drivers. As a result, this year’s edition is a lot more comprehensive than its predecessors are. FTA members submitted suggestions involving a number of things including revenue and customs, ferry services, and tips for more efficient delivery and collection.

Ready for an Exciting New Career?

If you’ve never been a commercial HGV driver, you are probably wondering what all the fuss is over the new Transport Guide. But trust us; it’s big. If you would like to know more, why not consider an exciting career as a commercial driver.

Lorry driving is a job that brings with it constant challenges and excitement. You get to see new places, meet all kinds of new people, and face challenging circumstances that will test your skills and knowledge on a daily basis. However, there’s more. If lorries don’t interest you, you could embark on a career as a coach or bus driver, horsebox driver, or construction equipment operator. There are so many ways to put your HGV license to use that there’s bound to be a job out there that’s right for you.

If you are ready to get started, we are ready to help. When you contact the HGV Training Centre we will assist you in preparing for your theory test, we will provide your practical training, and we will even accompany you to your final practical skills test. What are you waiting for?


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