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Logistics Manager magazine reported earlier this week that manufacturing productivity in the UK is picking up. In fact, some sectors have even returned to pre-recession productivity, causing an increase in orders for new forklift trucks. According to Logistics Manager, UK productivity is outpacing both Germany and the U.S.

The magazine was also quick to point out that the rise in forklift truck purchases is focused on warehouse trucks rather than counterbalance forklifts. That’s an important designation because it indicates a growth in manufacturing and a subsequent increase in the number of jobs available. If companies are adding new trucks to keep up with warehouse demands, those trucks will need drivers.

In the UK, there is currently no legal requirement for a forklift truck driver to receive specific training and certification. Nevertheless, for obvious reasons most of the country’s major manufacturers require it. Forklift truck training not only increases a driver’s chances of getting a good job, it also keeps everyone in the warehouse safer.

A Dangerous Work Environment

Even without forklift trucks, the typical manufacturing workplace is a dangerous environment. However, when you add in a fleet of constantly mobile forklifts moving tons of cargo around the warehouse on a daily basis, the danger is increased. That’s why so many companies require proper forklift truck training.

The biggest danger with forklifts has to do with line of sight. An empty forklift allows the driver to have a full field of vision. But with a load, field of vision is drastically reduced. Drivers must navigate both forklift and load through a manufacturing maze despite being unable to see everything. It requires concentration, knowledge of potential hazards, and the ability to multi-task.

The other serious danger involved with forklifts comes by way of the loads these machines move. As soon as a truck lifts a load, the vehicle balance is immediately shifted. Knowing how to manoeuvre a fork lift truck without tipping it, or even dropping the load, is important for everyone’s safety.

Start Your Training Today

Despite the inherent risks of driving a forklift, it is still a career that can be quite rewarding. All it takes is some good forklift truck training from a company like the HGV Training Centre and a “safety first” attitude at all times. The combination of both means it is possible for you to enjoy a long career free of accidents.

At the HGV Training Centre, we teach you everything you need to know to operate a forklift truck safely. We teach you about vehicle operation, lifting and placing loads, load balancing, reversing and manoeuvring, and more. When you finish your training with us you will be more than prepared to tackle anything your job throws at you.

Whether you are looking to start a new career or just update your training, we invite you to call us today. The sooner we can get you going at one of our 45 facilities, the sooner your training and certification can be completed.


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