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One of the things we talk a lot about during our HGV training is how to make best use of current roadways while still being both safe and productive. Therefore, whether our students are receiving HGV training in the Borders or in London, the message is the same. Thankfully, we will be modifying that message in the future as a result of expanding roadway capacity.

England is leading the charge for increased capacity thanks to a £24 billion investment by the Government. HGV Ireland says it is the biggest investment since the 1970s, and one that will add 900 lane miles to existing motorways and A class roads. Current A road capacity will triple in the years to come while at least 3,000 miles of the strategic road system will be resurfaced.

Additional capacity will be achieved by selectively widening where appropriate, and making use of smart motorways where widening projects are not in the best interests of the environment. All told, the Government hopes to increase capacity by 35% over the next seven years. This will undoubtedly help the haulage and transport industries immensely.

Being competitive requires companies to make the most efficient use of current road systems. Unfortunately, our road systems have not grown with the pace of increased traffic over the last several decades, making it ever more difficult for transport and haulage operators to maintain quality service while still protecting the bottom line. It goes without saying that this new project has been a long time coming.

Of course, greater capacity will also benefit the average driver by way of less congestion and more efficient routing. Logic dictates that we should see a reduction in the number of main roadway crashes as well. With more room to spread out, drivers of all kinds of vehicles can give one another more space during traffic peaks.

Capacity and Training

As a leading provider of commercial driver training in the UK, the HGV training centre knows that increased capacity alone is not the golden ticket to safer roads and greater production. Proper training is also an important part of the equation. Drivers need to be trained, and retrained, in safe vehicle operation principles regardless of the roads being used. When professionals are trained properly, it is good for the industry as a whole.

We look forward to increased road capacity throughout the UK in the future. We hope that what England is doing now will have repercussions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well. In the meantime, the HGV Training Centre will continue doing our part by providing world-class HGV training in the Borders, London and throughout the UK.

You can train with us to drive articulated lorries, tipper trucks, vans, coaches and buses, heavy construction equipment, and forklift trucks. We also offer private training for horseboxes, horsebox trailers, caravans, and light trailers. For more information about training costs and scheduling, feel free to contact us through this website or on our freephone number.


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