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As we have reported many times, the HGV industry is under threat from a serious lack of new drivers. With a huge number of current drivers nearing retirement age, and not being replaced by newer drivers, it’s an issue that has even been raised by MPs.  This also means that British industry is under threat, as is the consumer choice, without enough drivers to transport goods from their place of origin to shops around the country.


The most serious driver shortages threaten to hit at Christmas, when we rely on even more goods than usual, and agencies struggle to cope with the added demands on their services. In a move to tackle this shortage, there are effort to attract new people to HGV driving (Find out more about HGV class 2 Licence), including young people, people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, and female hgv drivers. And now, M6Toll have announced a new, specialist national campaign to try and bring more women into the industry, with HerGV.


HerGV aims to encourage women to think seriously about a new career as an female HGV drivers (get detail info on CPC training), in an effort to help fulfill the need for 1.2million more drivers by 2022. The M6Toll is run by Midland Expressway Limited, and was designed to make the lives of HGV drivers easier, as well as making it easier to transport goods around the country, so it makes perfect sense that they would be so supportive of the haulage industry.

women HGV driver


Publicly leading the HerGV campaign are celebrity trucker Kara Rouse, and Le Mans driver and motor journalist Rebecca Jackson. With two such prominent female driving figures on board, HerGV wants to show women that – while the majority of HGV drivers in this country are male and over 40 – that doesn’t necessarily need to be the case.  Running until 2017, HerGV is running competitions to win cash prizes of £3000, and an introduction to the haulage industry for some lucky winners. All people need to do to enter the competition is explain why they want a new career as an HGV driver (Guide to pass HGV Test).


Once trained, the winners will then be given a placement at a haulage company, where they’ll also have the chance to drive on the M6Toll road themselves. Whether winning the competition or not, women are extremely welcome in the haulage industry, and on our training programmes. With packages starting from just £10 (For more details call us on 08000315765) for the first month, we’re also doing our part to make HGV driving jobs even more accessible for women and for all aspiring new drivers.


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