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Perhaps you’ve heard that HGV or LGV training is a good route to go down if you want your pick of jobs around the UK, and a decent, steady income. You’ve heard correctly, because the HGV (heavy goods vehicle) or LGV (large goods vehicle) industry is always in need of new drivers. If you’re looking to drive a rigid body vehicle above 7.5t, you would need to have HGV Class 2 (CAT C) LicenceIf you’re considering training to go into this field, you’ll probably have a lot of questions about it. We’ve gathered some of the most burning questions you might have, so you know everything you need to know before you book your training with us.

Where can I train for HGV Class 2 (CAT C) Licence?

We have over 60 training centres in the UK, and you’re almost certainly no more than an hour away from one. We’re UK’s Largest HGV & PCV Training Providers. You’ll find training centres close to most major cities so you don’t need to book hotels and plan time away from home and family. If you call us on 03308183333 , our HGV Class 2 (CAT C) training advisers will find the closest training centre for you.

How long does Cat C training take?

For such a life-changing skill which can get you into a whole new career, you might think training takes weeks or even months. You’ll be amazed to find that training actually last for 5 Days Only. Although the licence might take up to 6 weeks. This completely depends on your focus and will power to study and learn the Cat C licence rules & training. 

Because it’s so short, you can fit it in around the rest of your life without too much hassle. And because of the abundance of training centres around the UK you don’t necessarily need to disappear from home for a week.

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What do I need?

The requirements for starting your HGV Class 2 (CAT C) Licence with us are very simple, and nothing unusual. First of all, you need a full car licence, because being able to first drive a car is the foundation of your training. You’ll need to undergo a basic medical test. This is because driving a large vehicle is a safe only when the person driving it is fit and well enough to control it at all times.

Next you’ll need to pass a theory test, which gives you the knowledge you need before your practical training begins.

And finally, you’ll need a provisional entitlement. This allows you to drive an HGV while training, and it’s something our staff can help you to apply for.

What we provide

When you train with us, you get service over and above what you might expect. Our instructors are DVLA Approved, experienced, and will train you extremely well in both practical and theoretical situations. We also have a wide network of support staff who can help you with any paperwork and other non-training assistance you might need. Only up-to-date equipment is used in our training, so you’ll be training in vehicles you might be using out in the real world once you pass. Industry pass rate is approximately 42% but with our pass protection scheme, we have delivered drivers across UK with 92% pass rate. So we have enough experience to know which areas you will need to improve before you take your final practical HGV test.

Extra training resources are available to all our trainees, to help give you as much chance of passing as possible.  With the kind of concentrated course we specialise in, you can be out on the road in no time at all. We’ll also help you with finding a job placement, so you can use your skills in the real world.

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What jobs can I do and what can I earn?


The range of driving jobs available are many and varied. There’s a well documented shortage of HGV drivers in the UK, including many who are needed to drive to Europe, so you could find yourself travelling abroad very frequently. But there are also reasonably short-haul driving jobs available, if you have family you want to stay close to. You can earn up to £35,000 per year for some specialist jobs if you have experience, and starting salaries can be up to £25,000.


Check our Job Finder to see the sort of jobs available in your area right now Or give us a call back on 03308183333 to know the latest prices and discount schemes. 


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