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Last week we reported on plans by the Kent County Council to build at least three new lorry parks that would alleviate some of the congestion caused by commercial vehicles in residential communities. Along with others, we voiced scepticism as to whether or not drivers would be willing to pay to use those parks, especially if these were located in areas that were inconvenient. It turns out the County Council has thought of that themselves. They are considering introducing a law that would force the lorry driver to use a lorry park or face stiff fines.

County councillors generally agree that they would need to make it illegal to park HGVs on residential roads once the lorry parks are built. However, they also conceded that such action would be nearly impossible to enforce without any teeth. The proposed fines represent the teeth needed to get the lorries off the roads.

Other council members find it hard to believe that even a new law including fines is going to work. They say that police do not have the resources to enforce the new law, fines notwithstanding. Short of that there are no other ideas being offered for ensuring the average HGV or LGV driver makes use of new lorry parks in the county.

Definitely Necessary

There is no argument that the parks are necessary in certain regions of Kent. Commercial vehicles park on residential streets as they wait to load and unload, oftentimes remaining for hours on end. When the vehicles finally do get back onto the main roads, they slow down traffic. The three proposed lorry parks would certainly alleviate congestion caused by commercial vehicles stopped on residential roads, but they would not do much for congestion during peak traffic times.

The residents and officials in Kent will have to keep talking and working until the problem is solved. In the meantime, they are looking at three specific locations where it is believed the new lorry parks can be built. We are assuming they will announce their plans the moment a decision is reached.

A Rock and a Hard Place

While we do empathise with residents of Kent, we also empathise with commercial drivers as well. The average LGV driver is caught between a rock and a hard place in many UK communities. The problem is that our outdated road system was never designed to accommodate the commercial traffic we see today. Further complicating matters is the fact that the commercial driver is often seen as the enemy when, in fact, he or she is affected just as much at any other driver on the road.

Commercial driving is certainly a challenging career for those who avail themselves of the opportunity. It is also a career choice that offers good pay and excellent prospects. If you are interested in becoming an HGV or LGV driver, we invite you to contact the HGV Training Centre. We can have you trained and ready to look for work in a matter of weeks.


Kent Online – https://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent-business/county-news/kcc-mulls-over-hgv-law-23866/


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