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The logistics industry is growing by leaps and bounds in direct proportion to the success of online shopping. For example, we detailed in a previous blog post how used vans are hot on the market right now, being bought up by delivery companies who need them to complete home deliveries from retail giants such as Amazon. In light of the growing relationship between e-commerce and expanding logistics, we want to encourage our corporate customers to consider developing a fleet driver training programme with us.

We believe a good fleet driver training programme can ‘upgrade’ the outlook of your delivery drivers. To understand what we mean by this, consider a quote from FedEx chief executive Fred Smith published by the Wall Street Journal in mid-December (2015). Smith said:

“The people that have the real problem in the e-commerce business by and large are those that view the transportation companies as some sort of utility or a vendor and they make some really, really bad decisions.”

The implication of Smith’s comments is that some companies engaged in e-commerce view logistics companies as utilities rather than partners in business. We believe the same thing holds true for many new drivers just getting started in the logistics industry. They view themselves as providing a service to clients by way of their employers, as they should, but not necessarily as providers of a service that is integral to the success of clients. Fleet driver training can change that.

A well-developed training programme can help drivers view what they do as more than just a functional or utilitarian job. By helping them understand how logistics plays into economic output as a whole, we can also assist them to understand their role as a business partner of their clients. It then becomes easier to encourage those drivers to take ownership of everything they do.

Custom-Designed Corporate Training

The HGV Training Centre is now the largest provider of commercial driver training in the UK. We are proud to serve our corporate customers by custom designing training programmes unique to their businesses. Our fleet driver training can serve any number of purposes, including the kinds of things we have described here. We can also go one step further. We can create a fleet driver training programme that integrates specific topics that you want your drivers to be proficient in with the training they need to maintain their Driver CPC qualification cards.

Integrating company-specific training with CPC training creates a cost-effective and efficient way to provide ongoing training to your fleet drivers. We believe integration offers excellent value without compromising training quality. We invite you to contact us for more information about how fleet driver training can upgrade driver outlook and improve the performance of your business.

In addition to fleet driver training, the HGV Training Centre also offers individualised training to new drivers. We have the training you need to obtain the HGV or PCV licence required to work as a professional driver.


  1. NASDAQ – http://www.nasdaq.com/article/online-shopping-propels-fedexs-holiday-business-20151217-00057


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