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Another year has come and gone in the lives of professional lorry and bus drivers. With 2016 now upon us, we want to offer our readers a friendly reminder about CPC qualification requirements. Drivers required to renew their qualification cards in 2016 will have 12 months to do so; those who needed to renew in 2015 are out of time.

As you know, CPC requirements went into effect in the UK in 2008. All new PCV drivers began receiving their initial CPC qualification instruction to earn their first licences in that year. New HGV drivers followed the year after. Any PCV or HGV driver who first obtained a commercial driving licence in 2010 would have had to renew in 2015 to keep working. All drivers who earned their licences in 2011 will need to renew in 2016.

Regulations require 35 hours of CPC training to renew a qualification card. That training can be undertaken at any point in the fifth year of a driver’s current qualification card. Also, remember that the card must be carried with you whenever you are working. Police and other authorised officials can require you to produce your card at any time and for any reason. A failure to have a valid CPC qualification card with you while working can result in serious fines and potential loss of licence.

We Offer CPC Training

The HGV Training Centre is proud to say we offer CPC qualification training to both new and experienced drivers. All new drivers are CPC qualified upon first obtaining their licences. As for experienced drivers, we can train them individually or as part of a corporate programme. We invite you to contact us for more information about how our training can help you.

Government CPC regulations give us great leeway in the kinds of courses we offer. As an approved provider of CPC training, we are free to custom-design training courses for your fleet drivers utilising a long list of different topics. As long as our training meets the guidelines established in the CPC syllabus, we can train your drivers in areas that are specific to your business.

The HGV Training Centre is now the largest provider of commercial driver training for individual drivers. We are proud of the growth we have maintained the last few years, but we are not willing to stop there. It is our goal to expand our commercial services in order to be the one-stop shop for both individual and corporate clients. If your company is in need of affordable and comprehensive fleet driver training for CPC qualification or other purposes, please contact us to find out how we can help.

Remember, CPC requirements are now the law of the land. Furthermore, enforcement efforts are both aggressive and ongoing. The government is taking the CPC mandate very seriously – so should you and your drivers. Do not put off CPC qualification for any reason, as it could come back to seriously harm your business and/or livelihood.


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