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The results of a new survey just released by Fleet News indicate a serious problem exists in the UK where regular tyre inspections among fleet managers and drivers are concerned. The survey shows that neither fleet managers nor their drivers are giving vehicle tyres the attention they deserve. The survey tells us that we might need to start looking at changes in how fleet training is being provided.

The survey results showed that 44% of UK fleets check their tyres only once per quarter. Making matters worse is the fact that almost 30% of the responding fleet managers admitted to not knowing how often their drivers check tyres. Some 75% fleet drivers admitted to either knowing the drivers do not check tyres often enough or being completely unaware as to how often they were being checked.

The poll specifically asked fleet managers how often they believe their drivers check tyres. Here are the results:

Among the reasons cited for not checking tyre pressures is a lack of time. Though Fleet News didn’t go on to explain it any further, it’s probably safe to surmise that drivers feel that they are under tremendous pressure to meet delivery schedules to the extent that they don’t have enough time for basic safety checks. Yet failing to monitor tyre pressure is a contributing factor to both breakdowns and crashes.

The question we must now ask ourselves is whether a greater emphasis needs to be put on tyre safety as part of regular fleet training. Perhaps drivers are unaware of the potential dangers of not paying attention to tyre pressure or tread wear. Perhaps they do know but falsely assume nothing bad will happen to them. In either case, not checking tyres regularly is something that needs to be addressed.

Fuel Efficiency

Failing to monitor tyre pressure is certainly a safety issue first. However, it also affects fuel efficiency as well. Under-inflated tyres create extra friction, leading to increased drag and more fuel consumption. If nothing else, companies could be saving themselves significant amounts of money by developing regular tyre maintenance programmes.

The HGV Training Centre does address tyre safety issues as part of our training. It is up to motoring companies to make sure their drivers are constantly reminded to check tyre pressures, and to develop policies to make sure it happens. Reminders about tyre safety should be part of a normal fleet training programme as well.

At the HGV Training Centre, we offer number of different training programmes for both individuals and company drivers. We can prepare the new driver to earn an HGV or PCV licence, or we can conduct regular fleet training for companies of all sizes. We offer CPC driver training on an ongoing basis as well. For all of your commercial driver training needs, the HGV Training Centre is your best choice.


Fleet News – https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/2014/9/18/fleet-managers-in-the-dark-about-tyre-checks/53553/


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