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When a customer calls the HGV Training Centre to inquire about forklift truck training, he or she is informed that we have three course options. This is understandably confusing to new forklift operators unaware of how forklifts are regulated in the UK. We make a point of taking the time to explain the three courses and why each one is offered, ultimately allowing the customer to decide which course is best.

For the benefit of our regular blog readers, we decided to take the opportunity of this post to explain why we offer three options for forklift truck training. Those options are:

Before getting into individual explanations of our training courses, it is important to note that there is no such thing as a forklift licence in the UK. Where an articulated lorry driver undergoes training and has to pass four different tests to get an HGV licence, forklift operators are under no such requirements. The only requirement is that companies employing forklift operators provide adequate and documented training to ensure those operators know how to do their jobs safely.

5-Day Complete Course

Our 5-day forklift truck training course is intended for new forklift drivers who have never operated one of these vehicles in any capacity. This course teaches students everything they need to know from the ground up. It is the most thorough of the three options that more than qualifies under the law as adequate training for new drivers. All drivers who complete this course receive a certificate documenting their achievement.

3-Day Abbreviated Course

Our 3-day abbreviated course is designed for two kinds of forklift drivers. First is the driver who has been employed for some time but whose on-the-job training cannot be documented in order to satisfy legal requirements. This driver has plenty of experience but still needs a certificate because his/her employer cannot document past training.

The other kind of forklift driver benefiting from this course is the driver who may have experience with forklifts in an informal environment, such as on a family-owned farm. The driver now wants to leave the family operation and go to work for a company that requires a forklift certificate prior to hire.

1-Day Refresher Course

Our shortest option is a 1-day refresher course intended to update the skills and knowledge of already experienced operators. We highly recommend this course for all professional forklift drivers on an annual basis. Refresher courses go a long way toward keeping operators updated on safety procedures and regulations.

All three of our forklift truck training options are offered at dozens of HGV Training Centres located around the United Kingdom. We offer training for both individual drivers and company employees alike. Furthermore, we are able to work with our corporate clients to custom-design CPC training courses for all applicable employees. We would be thrilled with the opportunity to explain how our forklift truck training can benefit your business.


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